Happy Mothers Day


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To my mother on mothers day

Happy Mothers Day

My Mother knew she loved me from day one
Since I was conceived she took care of me
I had took her heart away as she looked into my blue eyes
Each child has a place in her heart and she keeps it
there from the start
She couldn't wait till the day you were born
The smile on her face was never to be replaced
She looked at you and feel in love from the start
You had stolen her heart for life
She gave it most tenderly and selfishly
as a mother would do
The mothers love is quite different you see
its one of unconditional love
No matter where you go and what you do
she is always there for you
Even when you are grown and on your own
She is there to welcome you with open arms 
The love of a mother goes far and beyond
Her gentle voice is always there for each child
she bares
Her gentle touch is the best of all
One hug from my mom takes away all tears
She has always been there for all these years
A mother face is one you depend on to see
you through rough times no matter what it
may be

She was there to tell me when I was wrong
and she was strong with her words
She knew I needed such tough love
If it hadn't been for her i would of made more
mistakes in my life
Thank god for my mother she has always been

There is no other who could take her place
So always love her and respect her because
She is the one that always loves you no matter what
The love of a mother is a most precious gift

Tell her you love her and bring her gifts
She wont be around forever we all know this
Tell your mom how much you care
You are number one in her life
forever you see
She will always love you
forever and it was meant to be!

To my Mother
Cindy -  armymom1025

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ayyan commented on Happy Mothers Day


I have read this poem on and about mother. This is a great one giving importance to mother who has give birth and shown life to us. Wonderful - ayyan-



thank you so much it is much appreciated. I lost my dad in 2003 and now i know how it feels to loose a parent it is so painfull.

cheronld commented on Happy Mothers Day


A truly enjoyable and sweet poem...any mother would be proud to have this poem in their heart.....



Thanks so much for reading and commenting about my poem. You only have one mom and dad. I lost my dad in 2003 and now I try to tell and show my mom how much I love her. Sorry I didnt thank you sooner. I moved out in the country and cant get high speed internet. Any way I am getting caught up. Thanks again!

jyothi commented on Happy Mothers Day


Beautiful description of words filled with devotion and respect.



Thank you very much. I appreciate you reading my poem.

StandingBear commented on Happy Mothers Day


From deep within your heart you've written an excellent dedication for your Mother! I can see her with a copy of your beautiful poems in frames all around her home. Great!



thanks for the great comment about my mom. I havent been on much she was in the hospital because of her heart. Sorry it took so long to thank you. You are such a nice person. Cindy



you're very welcome! I wish your Mom a great recovery, my Mom is in the same shape .. thank you, it seems to me that you are the glue that holds your family together. this is a great thing that you do! Great!

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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