my son the soldier


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    my son the soldier

      My son was only eighteen when he joined the army. He was only a young man. I am so very proud of him. When he joined I was happy but little did I know he would be sent over seas. It worried me so to know he was so far from home.
    He didn't tell me he almost got killed in the line of duty untill he came out of the army. Now he is all grown up and I can proudly say he fought for our country knowing he could die any time. He tells me he has nightmares all the time, people don't understand what it does to our young men when they go over there. Please pray for our young men over there for you do not know the harm it does to there minds. Please understand the mothers and fathers who worry so much. Not to mention the other family members who go through the turmoil.

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    WordSlinger commented on my son the soldier


    Tell your son That I said thank you, ok, please, I am also posting this in my Salute Thread in the forum, thanks WS



    you are welcome and I appreciate that. I will tell him about it and I am sure he will be pleased.

    SavVySam commented on my son the soldier


    Indeed we must always remember the great service to our country and the sacrifices they made! Important words!



    thank you very much!

    abraham commented on my son the soldier


    Well written, armymom. I'm not a soldier but I know one has to go through. We only look at the strong tough exterior and don't see what goes on inside them. They are like the ducks that swims so serenly in a pond. But down there they are paddling like hell!



    Thank you very much!

    Chaos128 commented on my son the soldier


    Well expressed, armymom. There's no explaining the process (not from my limited perspective, anyway); Everything is just different, probably because you're not looking at things with the same eyes. I'm very glad your son came through it, and I'm glad he has the concern and support of a mom like you to ease the transition.



    Thank you so much and my son is doing better. He went through a very hard time over sea's. He didn't tell me untill he came home that he almost died in a convoy. Thank God he came home safe. I still worry about our service people who are still in danger.

    charles52 commented on my son the soldier


    Dear Armymom1025: I thank the Lord your son came home safely and I thank your son for fighting for all of us. Sad we haven't learned how to settle our differences without war.

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