Coffee with Loki and Lucifer


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    They were telling me I could get a free refill and I knew that wasn't true.

    Coffee with Loki and Lucifer

    Having a cup of coffee,
    With my friend Loki,
    Dear Lucifer,
    Join us, if you prefer,

    Sitting there, my friends,
    Tempting me with my own demise,
    Truth or lies, it all depends...

    On which way the word bends,
    Compliments comunicate despise,
    Displaying it's own perversive ends!

    Thank you for proclaiming my failures,
    I know now what I must fix,
    My coffee cup is empty now, and I must go,
    But I will miss your advice resounding as lies,
    We depart with a distant look of sadness in our eyes.

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    KtIrish commented on Coffee with Loki and Lucifer


    Ah, Loki. He is a friend of mine as well. We have tea on tuesdays. Anyhoozel, i definitely love this. Introspective and curious. Way to go Mike.



    Thank you, darling.

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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