For Get Thee Not!


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    Since I have many family & friends serving the country this is for you!

    For Get Thee Not!

    Since I have many family & friends serving the country this is for you!

    Forget thee not

    Forget thee not for we are the soldiers,
    Yes the soldiers of the past, present, and future!
    We were the ones who fought with the sabers on our guns,
    Some of us knew that in this life we wouldn't last, and we have become the patriots of the past!
    Who am I?
    I am one of the soldiers that is fighting now!
    In the war started by G.W. Bush,
    For i am a soldier of the present,
    And if I ever get back to My family and  my wife and kids,
    I pray my kids become the next Generation of soldiers,
    To carry on our ancient family tradition of the men and women who have fought,
    But all in all there is one thing I ask........
    Please forget me not, weather I'm laid to rest in Arlington or coming  back home to my family.

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    Worthless commented on For Get Thee Not!


    Don't get me wrong i have the up most respect for soldiers and all, but these days I think it's wrong that our government is just basically setting our soldiers up for the killings and for what reason? I mean think about it? since the very beginning we have done nothing but go over to different countries and blow them up, lose american's lives and what does the government do next? They rebuild the damn country we just blew up with billions of dollars and this is been going on for years.. What about the families and kids that are left without their parents, brothers, sisters, wives , and husbands? They get a flag and an appolagy. I mean, c'mon here, I would never want a child of mine or anyone else's to go out and die for the government and keep making them rich! Jesus is the one who died for our freedom and yes their are many great people who have died also, but I just don't agree with the government bullshit and the crap they spray! I'm not happy for those who have died and continue to die but i am glad or at least hopeful that they are all in a better place now without the terror and nightmares of the past.. God has laid them to rest and I hope he takes our soldiers out that are still alive so they can survive and live the rest of their lives with their families and kids.. Nice work on writing it though! Very good! I just had to state some of my opinion is all..

    cynthiakehl commented on For Get Thee Not!


    God Bless you for your services to our country! regardless of who was president, we we're damned if we war or damned if we didn't! hope you return home safe, my nephew didn't...this is a very deep write! take care.

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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