Time Has Past since.......


Time Has Past since.......

Time has passed since. . .

Oh, my! How time has past since Granny died,
I was only but a small young man who fell asleep in late afternoon,
Oh how I cried in the end for my Granny & my best friend,
When I arose around seven early that eve I had an IMPRESSION,
I was compelled to run and ask mom if Granny Virgina were gone,
But just then I heard a voice that helped me make this choice,
I decided to let my Momma come to me and tell me,
that Granny V. had died indeed,

Now here I sit. . . on this day so late in the month of May.
On the 25th, recalling old memories as if  Granny Virginia were still here!
Taking me into her arms and whispering:
"Shhhh~ my dear! Come on dry those tears, there's no need for fear . . . For Granny is here and all is well. "
I'm sobbing now,
Yes, I am breaking down,
Simply wishing she were holding me now, wearing her favorite old plaid night gown.
Her hair as soft as silk, with the essence of cookies and milk drifting through the room,
But, no. The room is dark, damp, dusty, cold, vacant and gloomy.
Nothing lives here anymore but the mice, roaches, critters and memories of Ganny Virginia.
And although the varmits may tell a story of the present,
The house and my memories tell a story of the past!

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Worthless commented on Time Has Past since.......


nice.. alot of people had grandparents, but I never really did. I do remember my mom's mom and she was funny for ol' broad.. She used to take me to A&W to get a root beer float after stealing the keys to the car.. She had alzhiemers. I still feel bad when she used to tell me where she hid her cigarrettes and i went to tell my mom afterwords, but told my mom not to make it obvious.. I think my grandma knew though, she was smart. My dad's mom is still alive and all but she don't like me..



Well honey I'm sorry to hear that! Virginia wasn't actually my Granny, she was my neighbor and I looked at her as my Granny though. She was sweet, kind and would do anything she could to help you. Surely you have had some like that in the history of your life time.

Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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