September 11, 2001; My story the dedcade edition!


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This was written as a result of my customary practices on the importance of the anniversary of 9/11/01, and comes on the decade memorial. Camp Ohio the poem was written by me on the fifth year anniversary.

September 11, 2001; My story the dedcade edition!

I come from a young generation that was affected by the tragedy that swept the American Nation on September 11, 2001. I replay the day back in my head. With every detail it seems so vivid, as I recall. I got on a bus at 6:30 in the morning, Leaving the school to go to camp and have a great time. When the first tower was struck at 8:45 I had this pain deep down in my soul, something was wrong and things didn't seem quite right, I couldn't lay a finger on it then. . . I just wanted to go home - on a packed bus full of children and luggage, My friends and I felt desperately alone and wanted so bad to return home. At that moment time stood still, yet the day had pressed onward still. At long last I recall we arrived at camp and joined the other classmates. We the sixth graders never knew what had happened. But it showed in all the faces of the adults that there was something wrong. When they were questioned by us they had lied and said that everything was perfectly fine. I knew better for I used that line too many times and showed that face before. . . "Go - have some fun" they said. Pushing us on into the activities, the memories that were made are priceless. . . But nothing could prepare us for what laid ahead. I recall quite well my fellow campers and I all on our way to the dinning hall for dinner that evening. I had looked to the sky and they seemed to be the tale. . . The sun was setting, just as I have seen a billion times before. But something was different, something that wasn't there before, the sky seemed redder than it had ever seemed before. I was to describe it I would say it was crimson or blood red. That evening or the first night at camp I recall, I couldn’t sleep at all for something wasn’t right. After hours of being awake I had only had about an hours rest. That week went fast, the memories oh how they last. I arrived home the following Sunday, it was early that eve or so one may say. I entered my house was sitting my camp gear down when from the living room there arose this sound. “Mike, come here and look at the image on TV.” So my parents and sister had said to me. I looked and the image I saw was that of the towers taking their fall. I stood there in shock, to compare think of the old cartoons, the ones where they stand there their eyes get real big and their chins hit the floor in horror. I ran to my room as quick as a flash. I dove onto my bed in a hurry like in a flash. I plunged my face into my pillow, and began to sob like the weeping widow. Would the crying ever end? I couldn’t tell. I laid there crying and wishing that I was dying. The days that lay ahead were the hardest, for us there was no time to grieve. For my generation is was think fast, learn quickly and get back on your feet with no emotions. For under you there clearly stood 5 generations of American youth looking up to you. They were looking up to us the 6th graders, the older, the wiser generation, the role models setting examples for all the kids in grades K-5. . .  the next five generations. I learned very little about it all which is prudent with the time span so short. I knew the towers and the pentagon was hit, but that was the true depth of it. The result of it all is plain to see, just take a look around. As for in me this is what you’ll see, born that day from whence I found out . . . there was born a hard core old-fashioned American Patriot. My three favorite colors are red, white and blue. Ask me to choose between the three and see what I tell you. My favorite songs are “Where were you when the world stopped turning?” by Alan Jackson, “Angry American” by Toby Keith and “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood. I still enjoy learning about it all, even ten years later in early fall. If you walk into my house two things you’ll see. First you’ll see Jesus and other biblical things. The second is Americana things. Must people have only one American flag- I however have three. Anything red, white and blue is mine. I will stand and fight for America my country, Freedom & Liberty our American rights. America will stand. UNITED WE’LL STAND AND DIVIDED WE’LL FALL!

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am2anangel commented on September 11, 2001; My story the dedcade edition!


This write is full of emotion and compassion a great expression of your take on the tragedy of 9/11 great write. But now I feel old. lol! 6th grade? lol! I was 30! well done. -Tonya



I've always said a person can be better understood for who they are by the form of character that their work takes.

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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