Two decades of life; the first 20 years my reflection


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I once said that; "From the actions of our past, is born today, the person for tomorrow's future." But thenm again I've also said:"When we think of the past it only brings us down, because of the pain because of the sorrow, we forget to live for today and never think about tomorrow." However, this poem stands as my solem reminder to where I have been and is current testimony of where I am!

Two decades of life; the first 20 years my reflection

Now that two decades of life my have passed me by,

I’ve broken free from Satan’s Lies,

I recall all to well his wicked crimes,

His chronic attempts to kill me time after time,

He tries to sway me from the path that leads to God,

He speaks to me of dowsing rods,

He lies to me trying to tell me that I’m gay,

For he claims that there is no other way,

And that be his way and his way alone,

He speaks of spells and the pagan ways,

He recalls the crystals and other stones that use to heal,

For he claims that those were “THE GOOD OLD DAYS” joyous zeal

Yet the these things he speaks . . . surely the truth he tweaks,

Are all lies and this I know, just like the rubbish on the stove,

His lies are weak, and deaf is his sound for I have found Higher Ground,

A God Stronger than Satan himself,

I have removed his books from amongst my shelves,

I put Satan in a small read jar, hoping, praying, and knowing that to him it would do total harm,

God it’s you whom I adore, please, make me aware as evil falls across my floor.


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am2anangel commented on Two decades of life; the first 20 years my reflection


another inspirational write bleeding of your faith. Well done. -Tonya



awe, your going to make me cry! Thank you for the Gracious comment!

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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