Our Story


Our Story

You broke down my walls

The ones I tried so hard to keep built up

I wanted to love

But I was afraid to give my heart to someone again

Searching, but keeping people at arms length


Desiring to be loved

Wanting to be touched

Physically, emotionally, & spiritually

Praying that you'd find me someday

Without knowing exactly who you were


I loved before

I have broken a few hearts

And had mine broken many times before

I kissed many frogs

Hoping each one would turn out to be my prince


Scared and yet hopeful

Wanting to believe that love exists for someone like me

You reached out your hand

Without even the slightest hesitation

I took it


We jumped so fast

It was a thrill

So new, so wonderful

But, it all happened so quickly

Too quickly


As quickly as things came together

It all fell apart

We needed our time and space

Time to grow

And the space to make things right for ourselves


The time wasn't right

But not all was lost

Many thorns pricked my skin along the way

Countless nights were spent awake

Praying, crying, and trying to sort things out


Once the pieces of my life started to come together again

There you were

With your hand outstretched once more

Only this time, in friendship

With a promise for more, down the road


No need to rush, not this time

Many nights were spent talking

Laughing, rolling our eyes at one another

Remembering things that were never forgotten

And discovering things that were not yet learned


We get under each others skin now and then

You drive me crazy

And I know I drive you mad

But you have my back

And I have yours


I see the love in your eyes

Now that the walls have fallen

So I take a step closer towards you

Letting you in

And offering you my heart


And so as time passed, things grew more certain

Though we were still single

We acted as if we were together

Because we knew it was inevitable

I suppose everyone dear to us did


And here we are now

Back together

The time is finally right

To have you by my side

As my lover and my friend


Still, no need to rush

Taking things slow

But deep in my heart, I know

I love you now and forever

Of this, there will be no end.

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Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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