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My real name is Emma but I mostly go by Edge. It's a nickname I got in high school and it stuck with me. I love writing!! I'm actually majoring in English right now in college. I'm planning on becoming a novelist. Of course, I write poetry but I also write novels, short stories, and some songs lyrics. I mostly find my inspiriation for my poetry from my life but there are the few where my poetry is spoken by someone else. Poetry has helped me through the years cope with my life and all the problems that have came along with it. I am very excited to share my poetry (even though I've already gotten negative feed back from some people who don't care to ask where the poetry is coming from and what it might mean to me). I know that everyone has different tastes in what types of poetry they enjoy and gladly take the criticism but hate it when people just assume that they know the basis of my poetry and judge it in that manner. It's completely unfair to the poet.

So, thanks to all those on this site who read and/or comment of my poems. It's really appreciated and helpful.


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In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

Edge’s Poems (94)

Title Comments
Title Comments
What do I do? 1
Complications 1
Four Elimination 0
It's Time 1
That 0
Dream World 0
Secret 0
Trap 0
The Thirst 2
Cry, Cry, Cry 1
Meaning Matters 1
No Matter What It Takes 0
Unknown 0
No, You 0
Get Away 0
Childhood 0
Where thoughts will take you 0
It's Better This Way 0
Leading to Sick Stomach 0
No Favorites, Sir 1
Calm Hostility 0
Invisible Suffication 1
Free 0
Wrestling Lover 0
Depression 0
Without You... 0
Just Do It, Girl 0
Worthless Life Before Now 1
Just Remember 0
I'm Lost 0
I need you 1
Stupid Monday 0
Remembering Forever 1
My Place 0
You (babe) 0
Stupid Bitch 0
Peaceful 1
Emotions 3
Remembering 3
Slipping Loneliness 2
Hate Life 1
Black and Red 1
Painful Day 0
Happening Again 0
Still Invisible 1
Before 1
Me 0
You 1
Forever 1
Suffering, No More 0
Why 0
It's All Because of You 0
Don't Worry About Me 1
Thoughts Write 0
A Poem 0
Now 0
Do You? 2
What Can I Do? 2
To You 4
Terror 0
The Walls... 1
Drowning Sorrow 1
Hurting 1
Delicate 1
With Me 1
Brother 0
Silly Me 1
My Angel 1
Dream Visit 1
Not The New Me 0
I'm different 0
I promised 1
Words 0
Memory and Wishes 0
I can't live without you 1
All I think about 0
Missing You 0
Confusion 0
Yearning 1
The Time of Our Lives 0
Pour 0
Time -5
Like Romeo and Juliet 0
Just hold on...Don't let go 0
He's Watching Over Me 0
Abuse 1
I know, I know 0
Sad Ending of Life 0
Story Time 1
Message To You 0
I'm Breaking in Two 1
I Am Emotionally Hurting 1
Let Go 2
Missing You (Grandpa) 4