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  • Age: 42
  • Location: Kansas City, MO
  • Gender: Female
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Lets see where to start? I'm the poet on the wind, the whisper in the breeze, the sunset painted across the sky, I'm the moon ever changing in the night sky. I'm all kinds of things really, it takes getting to know me that will show you. I'm a writer, an artist, a friend, and a lover. I'm a punk rock princess who might have found her other half in this crazy fucked up world. I love to laugh, smile, and chat. I also post my stuff on my myspace, feel free to check it out. http://www.myspace.com/withinmyst


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Thanx for the invite and the comment. Apologies for taking so long to get back to you...hard 2 find time 2 get on this site lately...nice to hear from you and I'll see ya 'round.

When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) Thirty-fifth President of the USA

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Title Comments
The Bleeding 0
What I See 1
Self Asking 0
Demands of an Overlooked Essence 1
~~Shaman's Sight~~ 0
Bloody Raindrops 3
A Kiss Could Be Deadly 2
Pennies 1
Sometime the Song Haunts 0
There is No Heaven 1
The Rain in My Head 2
Sleeping 1
Battle 0
Epiphany 1
Only half as good 6
Beautiful Soul---For Michele Line 1