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Lead with your soul and be proud for some have not even a heart

  • Age: 55
  • Location: Vancuver, Wa
  • Gender: Female
  • Country: US
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I was raised on a dairy farm, in a small town on the coast. I left home at 15 years old. My life has been one train wreck after another, causing my heart to be a beautiful disaster.


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damn girl you surprised me !1 you go girl:~)

angelchaser profile comment


Been reading some of your poems, love your work:) Hope you accept my invite:)

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

cheezchic’s Poems (81)

Title Comments
Title Comments
Loves treasure chest 0
Good bye is so hard to do 0
Freed 0
still remembering him 0
Patience for love 0
I made a wish for you 0
Fallen Fools 0
Remember "Us" Every Season 0
This be the one 0
I'm waiting 0
I still believe in "FATE" 1
Simply "Together" 0
Stand Strong 0
Broken Heart 0
The Heart and Soul 2
My love song 2
Until I see you again 2
A Womans Flora 3
Lets Open Our Wings 2
Knowing Someone Special 1
This is my Faith 0
Goodbye, the End 1
Faded 2
Voices in my Head 3
Could this be the one 0
Soul Mate 0
My baby, My girl 1
A New Beginning 0
Set Up Fail 2
earth is not our kiln 1
Can't drink you away 2
Don't Make Me Be The One 4
Fix Me 4
I haven't said "goodbye" 3
I Never Told You 1
Kids Leave Scars 1
For You I Would 1
Where Are You 2
Soul Poetry 1
His Love Boat 2
For A Gifted Man 2
Love Letter 1
I Want To Be 1
Unseen Passion 1
Time will Heal 0
I must let go 0
Sinfully Good 2
New Love In The Horizon 1
Larry 0
Butter Knife Tongue 1
Gimme 1
Never Wake Me Up Baby!!! 0
Hopes To Love Again 1
If I could Revenge on The Blind Man 1
I see in colors of a Rainbow now 1
Thank You Lord 1
Fantasy World 1
Time Can Erase 0
When Breathing Hurts 0
The beauty of Love 0
Earths Beauty 1
Earth 0
We Are Silent 0
Oh you make me angry inside 0
He lives in me 1
3 times goes my heart 1
No matter how I try 0
Scars bound my Heart 2
The Begging Heart 0
Eyes say so 1
Eternily Yours 0
Remembering "The Eyes As A Child" 0
Online Poets Society 1
Love in the making? 2
One Family Two Hearts 0
Finding Love 2
Feast on the Beast 1
A Piece Of Yourself 1
With Wings We Should Soar 1
I Know He's Out There 1
The Blind Man Who Will Never See Me 1