Break The Cycle


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I wrote this poem because tryin help people before its to late. We as the victim, get hurt and scared for life. But we got break that cycle of the abused mind cause if we don't. we let the aburser win. We be still hurting and our life pass us by. Thats how the devil keep us bound and trap. We don't be happy, cause hurt sadness take over our lives. We deserve happiness and the only way we will do that, Is give it to God. Ask God to give us peace so you can be free. I no cause My heavenly Father Freed me. I win...You can to.

Break The Cycle

I stand on my roof top
Screaming out loud all the hurt
that's carry down
got to learn how to break the cycle
of the abused mind
The abuser did to me,
to keep me
 scared, control
tie and tingle up
can't, think this in the nature
look at it spiritual
People who do this to children 
once was
in our Shoes
don't give them no excuse
Didn't cry out to God,
stayed in-trapped in the cycle 
didn't know how to break free
let the abused mind
grew within
the past hurt caped up and begin to rust 
sinking you in,
You went through this too long
remember you did nothing
couldn't do nothing then
Boldly, now
Fight, Fight for your life
mind and soul
Break the cycle of abused mind
Speak, it out loud
reach way down within
scream it out to the wind
I am going to win,
Ask, God to help you
to forgive those who
abused you
scared you within
The things they did was terrible
and unforgivable.
But, I got to break the cycle of abused mind
It takes you down,
make you can't live
control you thinking
have you scared to love
even trust
also make you want to give up
It control you
All the hurt
entrap you
bound you forever,
can't live your life
 it was strip from you
in your younger life
Take a stand today
give all that pain
Pain the abuser did to you,
Place it all in the Master Hand,
Break the cycle
The Abused Mind!


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shakeme4life commented on Break The Cycle


The subject of your poem is emotionally and spiritually touching!!!! I've followed your poetry over the past year and I would like you to try reading your poetry out loud as if you were speaking to a crowd. Recording your poetry and listening to it can help you to correct the grammer... As a poet, I've had problems with grammer, punctuation, and my subjects not reaching my audience correctly... Take care...

jj1562 commented on Break The Cycle


i understand i am an abused child and the only thing that keeps em going is telling myself hitting back makes me just as bad...



Amen! We must stribe to be better then the one who abused us. Because if we don't we turned out like them abusing others. That's why the cycle sinking more people in cause they not breaking the cycle.God Bless



i have hit back once and that was 10ish years of holding back but it was one kick and i felt horrible after it...

Kingwebstar commented on Break The Cycle


I agree we should break the cycle excellent poem and I know this poem will do it's job to someone that needs to break their cycle



Thank you my friend and thank you for showing me I spelled brake(break) wrong. You always make me laugh..Lol

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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