Even though we have never met


  • CMarsh
  • Feeling much better now that I have found my purpose.

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This poem was inspired by my friend here who spoke to me from the heart. Even though we never met is about hope and dreams that we all should have.Maybe we too can walk off into our own sunset.

Even though we have never met


Clarence Marsh


                    I’ve searched the world looking for my true love

Are you searching for me too

Do you have visions of love and happiness

Like I do

Do you reach for me when you sleep

Only to find and empty space

 That not only lies in your bed

 But also within your heart

Do you dream about me even though we have never met

Do you close your eyes and vision us together

Do you cry when you hear a romantic song

And think about us…even though we never met

This is what True Love is all about

Wanting and needing someone who can release

Emotions without ever meeting

One can only imagine the magic … if two souls searching for

True love come together as one

It would truly be a blessing from the heavens

To know that there are two less lonely hearts in the world tonight

If you’re searching for me

Call for me and I’ll be there

From now till my last sunset

You will be my sunrise in the morning

And my moon lit night with stars shining brightly

When you see a shooting star

You will know I’m not very far

Close your eyes and make a wish

For only then

 You will we receive

My sweet everlasting kiss upon your lips

As we hold hands and walk away

Into our Sunset of True Love


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mgsouthard64 commented on Even though we have never met


this is very good. that is really true love. i didn't know a man could really express his feelings like that. I guess i haven't know that there is better men then what i have chosen in life. But it is a honor to know someone as sweet and loveable as you. You true love is coming your way just wait, when you least expect it, when it comes knocking at your door. You are doing a great job to find your true love. She is going to be one lucky woman when she finds you.



Thank You for your kind words and visions for the future. I hope oneday that I will find my true love and we both will be very lucky. I hope my poems will continue to surprise you as a man we do have sensitive sides.But rarely show them.

teasasue commented on Even though we have never met


this is soooo beautiful cmarsh, you will find the girl you are looking for when you least expect it.



Teasasue I hope you are right about that.

knight4696 commented on Even though we have never met


This is a very deep poem. I really enjoyed it. I believe your right ,, True Love is very hard to come by, and yes, we may sometimes settle for something less to fill our emptiness on our quest for love. But, sometimes in our search we get lucky and we find True Love with the one we thought we were settling for. In any case ... I hope you find yours.

am2anangel commented on Even though we have never met


Very well written the sense of longing is so strong in this piece. I enjoyed it very much. Alas it seems we search endlessly for our soulmates only to find continuous disapointment. well done and expressed.



Thanks am2 I try to express my feelings and hopes for the future.

CasimirJash commented on Even though we have never met


I think some people are searching but most will give up and settle for what's best. To bad it isn't easy as it sounds. Nice poem



Thank You! One must never give up hope and keep searching,oneday they will have their wish fulfilled thats what I believe and I will continue to search.

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