Give Me Strength


  • Emotional

    Give Me Strength

    I'm not myself;
    I'm stressed and frustrated.
    I once boasted of longevity,
    but I now rush patience.
    The lust nature
    is another fight;
    a vice, another brawl.
    But God, help me to stand,
    I can't face another fall.
    I'm like one who waits
    on their lover's call.
    You know I'm near
    the phone,
    but why do I feel you stall?
    I know what Your
    able to do,
    but why won't You move?
    In our relationship,
    am I out of place;
    out of the groove.
    Is there a reason why
    I'm so ashamed with cash
    You're financially overflowing,
    but I'm left to ask individuals.
    Here's my struggle:
    a car repoed, job lost,
    it's hard paying rent.
    I don't cry about the economy,
    so why am I bent
    in a fetal position, confused,
    and uncontent.
    Lord, I don't mean
    to be negative;
    I just had to vent.
    I'm needing strength.

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    Paradice21 commented on Give Me Strength


    Great job on this. Hat's off to u and remember no matter what just stay grounded!

    countrypoet commented on Give Me Strength


    Another one of your poems that I really like and can relate to.You have a great gift and a unique style.Keep up the good work.

    musiclady commented on Give Me Strength


    You sound like me right now. I'm crying out to God everyday, hoping to make it to the next day. This poem is very expressive.

    southside commented on Give Me Strength


    I like this one too.

    sassygal31023 commented on Give Me Strength


    I really like this poem. It is simple and yet so heart felt. I think many of us have been there and we have cried the same. I know how it feels to swim in the ocean called life and feel as if you just can't win the harder you fight the heavier the we

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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