strange ways


  • Sadness

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    I send this commentary out to a young lady who believes in herself but moreso is willing to give more to others than she is of herself....I send this out to you

    strange ways

    strange things happen in strange ways, some of us not to see
    i got called out on something, it's a first time really for me..
    a challenge so to speak of, something i done and the got burned
    started doing the burning, turn it around so the lesson i learned..
    it has to be do unto others as you have them do unto you
    becuz what goes around gonna come around, that much i know true..
    i wanna learn the lesson, the hurt that the other has felt from sacrifice
    the pain, the crying nights, something being from one not so nice..
    i hurt someone once before, i made them feel blue, it hurt me worse
    was living life in a bubble, thought i was untouchable, the bubble burst..
    i felt like superman, invincible, you know, once upon a time ago
    like something that starts at the speed of light ending up being slow..
    a soldier's death, dramatic, drawn out, last breath to the end
    would rather be shot by an enemy than back-stabbed by a friend..
    i feel what i once dealt, the blow so hard my heart races and stop
    now hitting rock bottom, felt so good was once on top......
                                                                   Edward Orlando Griffin

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    1990lh commented on strange ways


    wow great poem i love it keep writing cuz ur great at it

    bforibus commented on strange ways


    a roller coaster of one thought and many metaphors great job keeping them all under control the way you did .

    shontel commented on strange ways


    Take it from me: it doesnt feel good to be hurt, especially by someone who claims to love you and have your back. A good lesson to learn: karma is a bitch. She is ruthless, mean, and hurtful. Always be careful how you treat people because it will one day come back on you. When youre careless with someone's feelings, some one will be careless with yours.....very good poem!

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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