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  • Age: 50
  • Location: Arlington, TX
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Paradice21 profile comment


I hope you had a wonderful and safe Thanksgivings and you are doing well!! Would like to just ‎take the time out to say…. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones in case I do not get the ‎chance to later. Hoping for you Much love, peace and Happiness within the years to come!!‎

1990lh profile comment


sorry about the typos



hey, dont worry aboutr the typos, i feel what you trying to say and i do thank you deeply for your comments, its been a bad time for me but just reading what people say makes it all worth while, that's why i write....not for alot of people to read but for the ones that read to relate some kind of way...so i thank you and please tell me of anything you think i can do better or worse...

1990lh profile comment


ok first thanks for the advice i needed to hear that and second let me tell u something i think u r amazingu r onr of the best poet on this site if u ask me it makes me sad when i see not alot of people have read your work cuz it is perfect the way u express yourself is just wow! and the other thing i really love about your work is that u keep it real what u put on paper is whats in your head and u dont shange it up just to might sound better for different and unimportant reason cuz if u ask me u cant edit your feeling cuz i hated when people read my poem and say they like it but it would have been better if i did this or that or try another style.i think those poeple dont really understand what real poetry is about but i must say u r a master of it and i just have to tell u that u r geart and thank u for sharing if i have not read all your poems yet i will it would really mean alot if u would read some of my poems if u have not already i would really value your input. thank you

Niecy profile comment


Paused to say thanks for the friend's add, will definitely check out your work! Luv, Peace & :)'s

OUTSPOKEN profile comment


Thank you for the add, stay in touch!!!



hey there, i shall keep in touch and i'm gonna check out some of ytour work and let you know what i think and just hope you keep in touch with me also....if you like, you can reach me at edgee1969@yahoo.com

When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) Thirty-fifth President of the USA

edgee’s Poems (35)

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Title Comments
me being write or wrong 0
untitled love 0
random thought 0
Save Me 0
random thought 0
Save Me 1
this woman again 1
this time i cry 3
3 o'clock low 1
we as a people 1
still wondering 2
Don't Bother 3
playing the puppet 3
strange ways 4
drift away 1
broken 1
did we try 7
for you, i will 5
Letters To My Poets 2
"Fear" 1
love is again 3
love is 6
Black Man, I Am Thee 2
my manhood, my curse 3
This Woman, Beautiful Woman 8
Nobody Know.... -17
Guess Who's Back... 1
a phone conversation 2
just my feelings 1
Something Not To See 1
Strength 2
Don't Know 1
My Temple 0
The Ghost of Me 5
My Present, My Past, Not My Future 2