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Its 2020....been gone along time

  • Age: 51
  • Location: Arlington, TX
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Paradice21 profile comment


I hope you had a wonderful and safe Thanksgivings and you are doing well!! Would like to just ‎take the time out to say…. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones in case I do not get the ‎chance to later. Hoping for you Much love, peace and Happiness within the years to come!!‎

1990lh profile comment


sorry about the typos



hey, dont worry aboutr the typos, i feel what you trying to say and i do thank you deeply for your comments, its been a bad time for me but just reading what people say makes it all worth while, that's why i write....not for alot of people to read but for the ones that read to relate some kind of way...so i thank you and please tell me of anything you think i can do better or worse...

1990lh profile comment


ok first thanks for the advice i needed to hear that and second let me tell u something i think u r amazingu r onr of the best poet on this site if u ask me it makes me sad when i see not alot of people have read your work cuz it is perfect the way u express yourself is just wow! and the other thing i really love about your work is that u keep it real what u put on paper is whats in your head and u dont shange it up just to might sound better for different and unimportant reason cuz if u ask me u cant edit your feeling cuz i hated when people read my poem and say they like it but it would have been better if i did this or that or try another style.i think those poeple dont really understand what real poetry is about but i must say u r a master of it and i just have to tell u that u r geart and thank u for sharing if i have not read all your poems yet i will it would really mean alot if u would read some of my poems if u have not already i would really value your input. thank you

Niecy profile comment


Paused to say thanks for the friend's add, will definitely check out your work! Luv, Peace & :)'s

OUTSPOKEN profile comment


Thank you for the add, stay in touch!!!



hey there, i shall keep in touch and i'm gonna check out some of ytour work and let you know what i think and just hope you keep in touch with me also....if you like, you can reach me at edgee1969@yahoo.com

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

edgee’s Poems (35)

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Title Comments
me being write or wrong 0
untitled love 0
random thought 0
Save Me 0
random thought 0
Save Me 1
this woman again 1
this time i cry 3
3 o'clock low 1
we as a people 1
still wondering 2
Don't Bother 3
playing the puppet 3
strange ways 4
drift away 1
broken 1
did we try 7
for you, i will 5
Letters To My Poets 2
"Fear" 1
love is again 3
love is 6
Black Man, I Am Thee 2
my manhood, my curse 3
This Woman, Beautiful Woman 8
Nobody Know.... -17
Guess Who's Back... 1
a phone conversation 2
just my feelings 1
Something Not To See 1
Strength 2
Don't Know 1
My Temple 0
The Ghost of Me 5
My Present, My Past, Not My Future 2