The Feelings


  • Lost Love

    The Feelings

    The Feelings

    I feel like there’s a place I have to go to but I don’t know how to get there

    I feel like there is a storm of emotions that surges through my veins and makes me want to give into the gathering dark skies

    I feel like I have cried and cried for years upon years and the tears continue to flow

    I feel like Evil disguises itself in many ways and can even come in the form of a precious child

    I feel like Love don’t love me and she rejects me daily

    Now I want to hurt Love

    I feel like I can take a gun and pull the trigger and fire a bullet right into Love’s Black Heart

    I feel like Love aint supposed to hurt but yet I seek to hurt love

    I feel like I have waited a lifetime and I am tired of waiting

    I feel like I see his face and it’s his past am hating

    I feel like I can’t walk on sunshine because it is he that continues to bring the rain into my life and he was supposed to be my shelter from this ugly storm

    I feel like am walking around in circles which appear to be never ending

    I feel like because I hurt Love she’s left me and I continue descending into pain’s abyss

    I feel like this cut is so deep but I never bleed even though it feels like I’ve been slaughtered 1,000 times

    I feel like the only person who love me is my daughter

    I feel frustrated and anger resides in my pride

    I feel like I have nothing inside because Love continues to rape me

    I feel like Love has deceived me over and over again with her Immoral ways

    She lies and lays her body down with many others I am left so amazed

    I feel like she’s cold blooded and ready to take my soul

    I feel like behind my walls of fury I have no more control so therefore I am lost

    I feel like I have paid the cost and now I have nothing left

    The feelings are gone and so am I

    If Love means anything is that Love is living a lie.

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    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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