Human Stain


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    Human Stain

    Darkness has crept into our consciousness the early departure of humanity has left your heart hallowed with sin

    We are no longer our brother's keeper

    Now we lay in wait predator to prey ready to denounce the fundamental laws of sympathy

    The world is no longer a beautiful place

    Utterly destroyed by the insatiable desires to devour and conquer the influx of human life

    Nothing seems right anymore

    Their empty cries are offered up to heaven awaiting the great redemption dreading the inevitable rapture

    Material gain compromises our ability to adhere to God's plan

    And we teach our children the philosophies of delusions the hypocrisies of hypocrites and the lies of the deceivers

    Hungry bellies thirst for the knowledge to overcome the devastation of yester year

    All the while forgetting to live for today and spread love throughout mankind

    It's such a shame

    We rummage around for the answers to tribulations smaller than a mustard seed

    Turning a blind eye to our enormous stains our incredible human stains

    How dare we believe that war is the answer to our lack of communication our lack of comprehension our inability to grasp conception

    Trying desperately to incomprehensibly defend our faults and vices attributing them to our naivety

    How can we wash away the blood of the innocent when we all carry some blame within our hearts?

    Will we ever cleanse ourselves of the paradox, which has remained through the lengths of time?

    Beholding the answers required to obliterate the plague, which still remains to find the end of all ends for our human stain.

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    JuanAntonio commented on Human Stain


    The voice in this piece is very strong, and Im feeling ur alliteration throughtout, but especially the," hypocraies...

    EbonyQueen48 commented on Human Stain


    This is wonderful to read and it hits you in your heart and mind, great poem

    drcrow commented on Human Stain


    Are we ready to be well? Great prose...any ideas or solutions for our future generations? If questions are all we seek, then the answers will allude us. An enlightening read, but I do hope at age 29, you conscience will swing from the stain to "Hope and Change". I'm moved...

    Tony commented on Human Stain


    omg amazing

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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