I believe in love


  • Love

    I believe in love

    I believe in the sunshine that cascades through my darkness

    The hope of redemption for the sinners amongst the condemned

    I believe in the rainbow that chokes the clouds diminishing all that is evil

    Colors that hide the gray in your eyes

    The whinding road curls around the bend in my mind and we struggle to remain human

    I trust in myself and knowledge that there is a God among the dogs of men who kill

    He walks humbly among the thorns in his garden and he smiles

    He's tasted my tears and stolen my pain to bear upon his cross

    I believe in the love that hurt my inner lover from those that I love

    Never to see tomorrow again but to be buried in a hole where the two faced will defecate on my soul

    I see shadows terrorizing the children into a place of hysteria no mommy or daddy to protect them

    God touches the dead and leads them to a place of rest

    We weep for the fallen

    I know no other comfort other than the sexual intercourse of the mislead

    Lying naked in his sin he can not love me

    I am tied by my morals and chastised by a society that seeks my demise

    Existence compiles my short comings

    I rummage through the filth of those left dying in the street and find solace atop the corpse of the innocent

    I believe that God has scorched the devil to protect his children

    I trust that the pain will subside and we will all feast at his table

    Angels cradle the wounded and nurse their flesh

    For I am but a man made of flesh

    I believe in love.

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    outawhackjack commented on I believe in love


    i must admit this is the best i read so far

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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