• Beautiful


    Yesterday is such a painful memory embedded in our consciousness
    The sub conscious clings desperately to fantasies of tomorrow
    And today becomes a blur filled with distain
    She's always laying in her bed fighting thoughts inside her head
    Bringing tears to her pillow in droves
    Unfortunately she's died one million times drowning in those sorrows
    Wrapped in false promises that tomorrow will be a better day
    Oh but life is beautiful
    Death lurks around the corner ominiously awaiting its turn
    To pluck each precious flowers from their sacred garden
    At which time the world starts to reel from the tragic loss
    And she crawls back to her bed again consumed with tears
    Battling the questions in her head that no man has the answers to
    The sunlight sneaks in a ray of shine literally bringing traces of peace of mind
    Into a world utterly drenched in darkness
    She begins to see

    Life is beautiful

    Her table is bare and the many mouths that once ate there

    Seem to wither and disappear in the wind

    The storm clouds grown near as her heart is filled with fear

    She contemplates what the living will be

    Some how she knows that it can never be easy

    Empty souls pass through the corridor of life wandering aimlessly

    Oblivious to the beauty at hand

    She's sitting on her bed face is stained with tears

    Now she finally understands that

    Life is beautiful

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    Vincent commented on Beautiful


    Life is beautiful, but life is not perfect fo no one, we, us, you, are what makes life worth living. your a good writer, smiles Vincent

    jenifer commented on Beautiful


    sounds a lot like some of my darker poetry. i think that there are to many people out in our world that know more pain than this could ever teach to us , the imporance of loving ourselvs.

    Mrpoetry commented on Beautiful


    weeping may endure but a night but joy cometh in the morning God loves you so much

    SilverGirl commented on Beautiful


    so sad and so beautiful written.. my heart is with you hun.. thank you for sharing.. Hugs.. SilverGirl

    Shadow70 commented on Beautiful


    deep. ..nicely written through the pain.. I will read more of yours.

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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