the softness on my face


  • Love

    the softness on my face

    the softness on my face
    i cannot feel from without
    only a knowing
    a lack of hardness from within

    the tears that i can no longer cry
    that left concrete trails down the center of my face
    as a warning to not be soft
    a path to be read with the hands only

    then the light came
    and shattered the crystal
    yet the shards were buried
    in places i could not reach
    with spirit straining
    and bereft

    to look within myself
    through the reflection of anothers eyes
    to hear my cries
    coming from
    someone who looks nothing like me
    from without

    and to fly
    high above the melting ground
    which takes my resolution with it
    and to view the sky
    from a place with no walls

    ultimate hope
    unending blue
    like the blue of the breathe
    i feel in the softness
    of the touch
    upon my face

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    xxlheart commented on the softness on my face


    you went very deep on this one and it shows. as a poem the style is flawless. the content is very inspirational at the end and the beginning just begs for a hug. ((hugs))

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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