Coming To Terms


  • Lost Love
    • shanny8917
    • My own two favorite poems are "Train of Defeat" and "The Story of Sorrow"

    Coming To Terms

    I dreamt of you last night
    just like I do each week.
    In this dream you heard my words
    even though we did not speak.
    You knew that I was there.
    You were with your wife.
    I despise her with my admiration
    for entering your life.
    You wanted to take her away
    so she wouldn't have to see
    that I was madly in love with you
    and you felt the same of me.
    I tried to get your attention.
    You shielded her from view.
    I didn't get to see her but
    I knew that she loved you.
    By the end of the dream
    I was crying.
    There was a stranger by my side.
    I wanted him to let me go.
    He wouldn't let me hide.
    He made me watch you leave.
    In your arms you held your wife.
    I knew the second that I awoke
    I have to move on with my life.

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    Artie commented on Coming To Terms


    Nice write - the truth can be harsh at times, but I'll bet you knew it long before the dream

    dahlusion commented on Coming To Terms


    A beautifully sad tale of a love affair that, deep down in the heart's center, never really ends. I have been on both ends of this double-edged blade with longing and disbelief, desire and passion, only to know that the heart never lets go, even years after the curtain falls. You are a master at the art of poetic rhyming.

    tenderpoison commented on Coming To Terms


    sometimes, although we move on in our daily lives, sometimes the heart still speaks in dreams...beautifully written. 10

    spbsdude commented on Coming To Terms


    ahh, lost love. I've been in this situation loving some one who belongs to another, and it can be very painful. I hope you find true love however, and that He isn't already attached when you find him. Thanks for sharing this tale with us, it takes a lot of courage to write so openly. I know I've done so myself. Please feel free to check out my own creations, and see if you can tell which ones are about my own lost love

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