We'll Never Know


  • Lost Love
    • shanny8917
    • My own two favorite poems are "Train of Defeat" and "The Story of Sorrow"

    We'll Never Know

    I've been thinking of you lately,
    though I can't explain why.
    The last time that I heard from you
    was the last time that I cried.
    It is not as if the love I held
    had any place to roam.
    I locked it up inside my heart.
    I packed and fled my home.

    Now the miles span between us.
    Your heart has not grown fond.
    Whatever it was that we once shared
    no longer holds a bond.
    My life goes on without you.
    I would love to hear your voice.
    The silence growing between us
    would not have been my choice.

    Still, I shall remain quiet.
    Maybe someday you'll come around.
    Maybe you'll find happiness
    in someone else you've found.
    Did you ever conceive loving me?
    Would you have joined if asked to go?
    Did you ever wonder what could have been?
    I guess we'll never know

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    bandit1192 commented on We'll Never Know


    What could have been...... I think we have all asked ourselves this question. You'll find at some time in your life that you realize it might be better not to know. Good poem, TS

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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