Dark Screamers


  • Ghost

    Dark Screamers

    I hear them screaming in the dark

    from everywhere and nowhere, 

    the best lines, already spoken

    none written for mercies sake

    Deposit thy fears atop desolation

    for here it is gentle, a final kindness

    considerate, vile, passing metaphor  

    an unlikely trespassed thought

    Strike blindly, desperate, miles deep

    unrelenting anguish, bestiary pain

    charities only reward, moral allegory

    lessons better left unlearned


    Harbinger of hatred, thin voiced refrain

    tiptoed, ethereal haunting stray

    imprisoned forever, this daunting pain

    how emboldened sorrows fray


    I hear them, the dark screamers

    from some once upon a place

    woe to leave, a haunting burden

    self contained, airy dead space....


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    mistynites26 commented on Dark Screamers


    Nice.....reminds me of what might be left behind after the grim reaper comes for you.....sweet read

    RettaJ commented on Dark Screamers


    whoa that's deep....an excellent use of words and imagery in your poem.

    MrGee commented on Dark Screamers


    EXCELLENT! I like the line - deposit thy fears atop desolation. It's easy to see that this poem is a 10.

    stellar commented on Dark Screamers


    You captured the atmosphere,,,,IT's sad and kind of scary but beautiful..

    Rygar commented on Dark Screamers


    this may be your best poem to date, worthy of publication ( i mean that in a good way!) it has a polished feel of an accomplished poet. great job bro!

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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