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I have always loved to write be it letters, thank you notes, journal entries, poems, limericks, lyrics, assignments from school, and whatever comes through to my hands from my brain. I use writing like a catalyst to rid me of my small catastrophies, and large sometimes impractical solutions to every day dilemmas such as, "Now just where did I park my car?" My grandmother was a published author, as was my uncle. They always encouraged my writing habit as it is better than other addictions. I live in the world of Shakespear, Willa Cather, and The Good Doctor Suess.

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Dear Lucinda, / I love Shakespare, Willa Cather, and the good Dr. Seuss. Your biohere could mostly be mine. / It has been a long time since you commented on my poem "Thanksgiving" and now another one is coming up soon. I'm sorry to say that my holistic diet and detox did not work; an MRI showed that the cancer not only had not been cured, as my holistic physician was sure would happen, but that it had spread 4 mm. I should have gotten that carton of ice cream you told me to enjoy. / I don't want to disparage holistic diets and detox. Some people, apparently, have been saved by it. I just wasn't given the great grace of being one of them. / You mentioned in your comment lost lovers. I have a poem posted now called "Lovers." I hope you will read it. Now that I see your bio, I also think you might like and appreciate my poem "Art." / As you told me, my words will live on after me. So will yours. / God bless you. / --Michael LP, Mr. Poet

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HAPPY NEW YEARS LUCINDA! Here's to a spectacular 2010!! Cheers!

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Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas Lucinda! :) I hope you have a Great Holiday!

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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Title Comments
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