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    A Poem about what happens in the Church and what goes on with Popes.

    Evangelistic Apocaplyse

    Why all the talk about our popes
    religion in our churches, is their any hope
    why the sexual scandals arising
    aren't they to submit to the laws of God, abiding
    they are under scrutiny, where does this nation stand
    they will be held accountable by the Judge of this land
    Almighty God will see to their sentence
    will they find peace in prison, or God's forgiveness
    are they not under the same scornful eyes that stare
    from church pews across the nation everywhere
    We read about it in the news, How does this occur
    popes abusing power, but are we for sure
    We go under an investigation
    didn't these godly men accept the same salvation
    did they not go underoath, when they put on that white robe
    we put our faithin their hands, has this world lost all hope
    We need to address this message, has evil entered the church
    sin is sin no matter how you see it, we must seek Christ first
    We got an evangelistic apocalypse upon us
    We need God in this cold, cutthroat world
    The Eternal judge will test the hearts of men
    We have been drawn into the darkness of sin
    the evil actions of man will not go unpaid
    justice will be served, the law needs to be obeyed
    One man rose after three days in the grave
    will the world turn it's victim's into slaves

    We must repent to gain our God's favor
    lean on the Lord Jesus Christ, Our savior
    How sad it is that the people we trust
    are out of line in a world so unjust
    How can we look up to those of godly stature
    when we can't even see the weakness in our own hearts
    We have lived in the light for so long, but have grown apart
    trapped inside a blind world of darkness which betrays
    our moral standards in the gutters to decay
    We need to follow the laws and simply obey

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    am2anangel commented on Evangelistic Apocaplyse


    so true your words speak volumes as always well done. -Tonya

    sk8erpoet commented on Evangelistic Apocaplyse


    wow..its kinda tough to put into words about what i thought of this..all i can say is that it really makes you think about alot of things...great write..sk8

    danmartyjake1 commented on Evangelistic Apocaplyse


    My friend, you are onto something here, the veils are dropping and rapidly you sense an awakening of immense proportions, our galaxy is changing and truth will reign supreme. No longer will the liars maintain their deadly grasp upon the neck of mankind. Keep writing and reaching out to others...

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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