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done with my study it was hard now my poem is published its called Prayer Study and Poem

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All about God, most of my poems involve God, some do not some i right so that others can enjoy that wishes not to read religious things, because i want to put the right message out I am not a preregist That i am a sinner and am not perfect... But in the eyes of the Lord I am saved. I want people to know i respect there wishes it breaks my heart but I do, because you can't force things on people... But I pray, I am a kind, loving person who loves everyone neither though i attend to seem like i don't I just hate having people mad at me.... that's the kind of person I am very giving....


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Artie profile comment


I enjoy your writing. Keep it up.






thanks for reading in the past... but now i hate this site

fawndesno10 profile comment


thats gay why would you quit writing poems? well then imma start reading and commenting...holla



i am not quiting i am about to post another one i just don't want to put the once i like the best on here

christiangirl profile comment


hi, tori. i like ur poems. they r really good and speak to ppl's hearts.



thank you not all of them do but most....

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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Title Comments
Pa 0
March In Victory 1
Dateless 1
Prayer Study and Poem 1
A letter To God 0
Goal Against The World 0
Book Revelations and revelation 1
Mother Here's My heart 0
No Friend 1
Beast 2
Silent Tears 2
Rippled Heart 3
My Book Immortal 1
Danger Great Revelations 2
Abba 3
Saved 1
Mistakes 0
Showstoppers 1
Nightmare 4
I prayed to God 0
Eke Towed Prince 1
Soulmate 2
Asylum 8
Prosper A Fate 2
Hellfire 1
Dangerous 2
Broken Family 1
Depression in her heart 2
Everything You Reap You Sow 2
Tell me Your Beutiful 1
Cauious and Open 1
I am proud to call you savor 3
Simple flames 2
christmas children 2
Not My Time 1
Just Time 3
Dawning 1
I am God 2
weeping tears 1
Dance with me 1
hail third series 0
heaven series two 5