Artists' Estate


  • dragonfly1023
  • is thinking, once the tip is gone... it's pointless.

Artists' Estate

I draw from within,
as outer walls grow less desirable each day.

How warm the place, artists’ estate,
exploring rooms within,
to find one’s craft as gems amass,
from beauty we hold in.

Through doors at will, by want or thrill,
unfolded wings to fly,
toward visions each are blessed to reach,
by will before they die.

If I could house a gifted lot,
I would with unmatched pride,
unleash the thought, "succumb to naught,
to crush creative cries."

How warm the place, artists’ estate,
exploring rooms within,
to find one’s craft as gems amass,
to leave might be a sin.

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Chaos128 commented on Artists' Estate


One thing I've learned, as a (self-professed) artist, is that I've never seen a group of people that respect one another as much as artists do. It's a very satisfying circle to consider yourself a part of, and way cool company to be in, and it's super way cool to see it expressed so exceptionally.

SavVySam commented on Artists' Estate


What a rich estate it is my friend! You have fashioned a beautifully expressive introspection through artistic and insightful means. Poetic craftsmanship here is outstanding! A true favorite on my list! Thank you!

frog commented on Artists' Estate


This poem is created so well. You have a strong and lovely spirit that really projects through your writing.

wheelsal commented on Artists' Estate


When I need an uplift I return to your poetry. You always fill this need. Your craft is indeed gems and not to write would be a sin. Sally



gee thanks Sally. that's certainly true with your work. :D

MSVanallen commented on Artists' Estate


If only this were the place I live...such a vast place with endless doors to thrust open in a zeal for creation and growth, expression and flight... MSV



glad the thoughts triggered such a reaction. it really is one of my dreams too :D

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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