Crazy weird


  • Dreams

    Crazy weird


    glancing behind

    legs won't work

    feels like running underwater

    struggling to move

    It's getting closer

    what is IT?

    can't escape!

    a scream rising in my thoat

    just want to get away!

    I'm afraid...



    hands on the wheel


    twists and turns

    a giant knot

    freeway to the unknown

    lights a blur

    feels so real

    laughing out loud

    wind blowing through my hair

    I'm not scared...


    Strange people

    looking at me

    they're in the kitchen

    talking, milling about

    get out of my house!”

    I shout

    glancing around...

    doesn't look like mine

    but I know it is

    I'm angry...


    Walking down the street

    people passing in cars

    looking out windows

    staring at me

    don't know why

    until I find

    I'm naked!

    Where are my clothes?

    Trying to cover up

    making my way back home



    Running my fingers

    through my hair

    strings of brown

    falling to the ground

    hold my hands out

    only to see

    clumps of hair

    falling to my feet

    start to cry



    Open my eyes

    my face is wet

    tangled in sheets

    I realize

    it was just a dream...


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    soulwriter commented on Crazy weird


    Crazy weird - fun, exciting, scary, dreams so real - so we dream ON! This piece is clever and creative.



    Thank you soulwriter!

    ayyan commented on Crazy weird


    A very nice poem - hair and female touches. I like this opem of its presentation. -AYYAN-

    SavVySam commented on Crazy weird


    I enjoyed your poem, and kept hearing that old song by the Fixx "Saved by Zero" Nice imagery work!



    Thank you SavVy Sam! I appreciate your reading and commenting, Shannie

    dancinghawk commented on Crazy weird


    ! left a comment for you at Mareann's, Darling ... luv this piece! thx for posting! :) -dh



    Thanks DH

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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