My Emo Poem


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this is honestly how I was feeling one day.  it started out as a letter to my best friend.

My Emo Poem

An open letter meant for the eyes of none.

          I’m lost and broken, I can’t be fixed or found.  I’ve been left, abandoned, I won’t be left again.  I can’t control the things I feel inside, so stop me, end me, I don’t want to feel again.  I’m locked and alone, I can’t be touched or reached.  I’m dead inside, and still I wonder why, you’re coming home again.  I thought I made it clear, you should stay away from here.  I thought I let you know, that I refuse to go.  I’m lost, and broken, I don’t want to be found or fixed.  Just let me go, I won’t be back again.  Destroy me, kill me, I don’t care anymore.  Just find me, end me, I’ll be lost forevermore.  I’m tired, I’m done, with this agony known as life, just let me sleep forever, so I can forget my pain and strife.  Lost, alone, in wakefulness I stay.  Not forgiven, but forgotten in sleep that ends my days forever I’ll be the one you miss.  Can’t you see, the pain residing inside me?  I’m dead inside so just complete the picture.  Let me lose myself in sleep now and forever.  Still breathing and writing all my feelings down, and when I’m dead I’ll still make a sound.  I will live forever and so will all my pain.  I will live forever, yet I won’t be back again.  I’m lost and broken the pain is just too much.  I won’t be found or fixed, so end my life as such.  No point in trying to save me from my end.  I’ll embrace it knowing I’ll be at peace again.  Confused and tired, don’t know how much more I’ll take.  I only bend so far and then I’ll fin’lly break.  Alone and angry, you won’t see me anymore.  One day, you’ll find me, bleeding on the floor.  Tired and sad, and yet I still stand.  How much longer until I reach the end?  Forced to stay, on this broken world, but I’ll get away by dying on this floor.  You wonder and think, but’ll never figure out my feelings and thoughts until I let it out.  When I break from the pressure, I know I’ll just explode.  Can’t help it, won’t stop it, one day I’ll just implode.  I’m done and over, there’s no hope anymore.  I’m lost and broken, and dead before the door.

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Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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