The Memories you kept


  • Sadness

    The Memories you kept

    I looked in your eyes and saw the memories you kept,

    I dreamt of those moments,

    Too precious to forget,

    Laying awake at night,

    fighting the memories of the days I regret,

    Wiping away tears off my face,

    Holding on to the years we've spent,

    Breathing in your scent of despair,

    Im lost in deep illusion,

    Fading in and out of confusion,

    Holding tight to all that was innocent,

    Wondering if all this was meant to be,

    Seeing your picture,

    It all comes back to me

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    THATONEGIRL commented on The Memories you kept


    i have a feeling that this is about your past what does it mean? i am very intrigued.. would you please explain???



    It was about an ex bf. I base my writing on my life and what happens around me. lol

    kmooney commented on The Memories you kept


    I like this one. Lost love maybe? Hard to tell. It is very emotional yet detached, almost like a dream. Memories are like that I guess. Our own personal internal picture shows. Some are clearer than others. You have a unique style here. It flows nicely. Keep up the good work. You defintely have a talent for writing. I'll check out some others. K

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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