You Are the reason


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    • VampireGirl666
    • you broke my heart.. now i break your fucking face...

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    haha...he cheered me up

    You Are the reason

    Theres no sorrow
        No pieces of pain
        Don't sit outside
        In the pouring rain.
        breathe the air
        take the seed
        Lifes sometimes unfair
        but you don't need to take the lead.
        You are the reason
        Im not angry
        You are the reason
        Im always happy
        That reason
        there is some hope
        let go of that dirty rope...
        You are the reason
        I do not cry
        You are the reason...
        I never wanna die
        It was never your fault
        it could be someone not me...
        do not let yourself here
        to be hurt bleed...
        You are the reason
        For I am there
        I am the reason
        For you i care
        So don't go down without me
        and tear our friendship down...
        No one will bother...
        Lets turn around that frown..

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    killingP13 commented on You Are the reason


    lol i see what you did here! wow i never expected this! i loved it really amazing! like two people telling the same story but through there own eyes

    angelchaser commented on You Are the reason


    This is so cool, I knew these two had to be tied together, but I never thought you'd do this and this is certainly something I would not have thought to do. I love these two poems, love them to death:)

    cattop90 commented on You Are the reason


    i love this remix ,its awesome and this isnt the only piece i like,all your poetry are awesome keep doing what u so jealous of ur poetry mine are only half as good

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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