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Your the one for me, and I'm the one for you, take the both of us and we're the perfect two. <3

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I decided to join because I have a lot of things that go on in my life and I want to share them with the world. I've been writing poetry since I was 8, and have now grown used to the idea. I like to use poetry to show my feelings, so some can be startling coming from a child. I hope you like my poems and I can't wait to see yours.


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btw did you tell me 2 shutup. ;( I don't go to Edinburgh Middle School i go 2 Indian Creek

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YOU never!!! Accepted my friend request!! :( :(

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Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

jerseycrtz’s Poems (61)

Title Comments
Title Comments
Depression 1
Perfection 0
I Wish 0
Until I forget about you 0
This is What you Get 0
Is The Reason 1
I'm Happy 2
I could make you happier 2
Oh No. 1
I'm tired of Worrying about You 2
My Barbed Wire Fence 1
You may not like me 1
If I could, I would 1
This Face Of Happiness 0
How Much You Mean To Me 1
Hide yourself from others 2
My Silent Tears of Pain 2
Finding My Love 0
Let the darkness swallow me 0
He's what I need right now 0
Guilty Pleasure 1
Wish Upon A Star 0
I like someone I shouldnt 0
A Broken Heart Speaks 1
My Tale of Our "Love" 1
The Tears of Desperation 2
You Are My Voice 1
He's mine 4
Feeling Alone Without You 1
Value Who You Are 1
Somebody Help Me 2
My Peaceful Night for You 0
They Want to Know 0
My Mystery Man 2
My Friends and Her 6
This just might be Love 1
Things are good for everyone-but me 2
What Other People Think 1
Love You 0
Boys! 1
I think I love him 0
My Lost Love 1
Why do you do this? 0
What did I do? 1
You Know Your In Love if.... 4
2 Young Girls Love 1
I Love Him 0
Waiting for love to pass 0
I'm Not Ready To Let Go 0
I want to be free 0
Poetry 0
Never let you see me cry 1
Breathe 1
Hopelessness 0
Laughter ruined 0
The Darkness 1
What if I haven't? 1
Suicide 0
something you couldn't have 1
I know what your thinking 0
heartbeat 0