The Ageless Battle


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A parallel story to the last(War of Balance). December '09.

The Ageless Battle

Two silhouettes stand on the edge of the earth

One shining it orderly glory for it to be forth

The other is outlined, but black as the night

They dance on the edge of their endless fight


Armor of the night sky, flesh of the dark

Look within his eyes; see the abyss’ heart

He grips his star-lit sword with strength abound

Darkness becomes him, where only night is found


He battles with the Angel, his armor shining sun

His eyes shine blindingly with truth that cannot be undone

His sword of law reigns into the minds of men

Government and order to the lands under his command


Gleefully they battle on, with no signs of an end

Their tired, weary minds calling, begging to transcend

Determination for victory continues as they lose their reason

For they have battled endlessly since time had begun


The ageless quarrel between the Dark and the Light

Reason against Instinct, Law and Chaos, Day against Night

Before the cause of Religion, before differences of morals

There was Dark and there was Light, before good and evil


In the Night there are pleasures, chaos and quarrels

Temptation is a given, allow your freedom to control

In the Light there is order and law and principles

Peace is abound, temptation is naught but for fools


But then sometimes, in the dusk or dawn, there is a moment

It is easily seen the weariness in their movements

They forget their quarrels and long for peace between them

But though they long, they cannot stop, there must be balance within


As one does weaken, the sun does rise and the Night is pushed back

For hours, for days, this goes on until the Dark strengthens his attack

Wounded and weary, determined and purposeful; the battle rages on

And so it shall go, forevermore, until Life is completely gone

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Seongwoo commented on The Ageless Battle


You will discover a truth, from chaos inside of the world. Great work!

Kanicki commented on The Ageless Battle


Excellent Superchick George Bernard Shaw said: "Youth is wasted on the young." But then he never read the likes and depth of the wisdom of your poetry. Enjoy reading your work, with prayers for a Superchick who provides hope for the future! Children and teens make up 20 percent of our population and are a hundred percent of our future…thanks for being a shinning example as your talent holds much promise.



Thank you so much for the comment. Always appreciated.

Teardrops commented on The Ageless Battle


you wirte with great wisdom for one short in years .Your talent will carry you far thanks for the read Marie



Thank you so much! I truly appreciate the read.

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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