The Battle of R.O. Muh


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For awhile there was a very big deal about typing things backwards(or in "darkcab" ) in the OriginalPoetry chatroom. So I wrote a story in such a state of mind.

"It's not a poem, but I tried to make it flow like one... It's a story. A muse if you will. A battle between Ec'Nelis, Eci Ov'Doul, Ness Kard, Tghi L. and "me." Orchestrated by R.O. Muh" early 2010.

The Battle of R.O. Muh

I woke in a darkened room, where the silence was profound. I heard a sound, though a sound it was not and a man did come forth.

 Ec'Nelis was his name, and silence his mastery. He came to me and deafened me to never again be free.

Ssen Kard then stood beside him, his black garments shining. He flittered and fluttered there without a real purpose. Darkness came over me, and gone was sight for good. But still their figures stood before me, and strangely them I could see.

But then a sight, which I did not see, bestowed a sound so true. But I sat there in ignorance as R.O. Muh came to play.

He brought his friends, the twin of Ssen; Tghi L. was her name. She blinded me once again, but this time with dancing lights. Eci Ov'doul was my "savior" then. She bestowed sound to me, but I was unprepared.

Deafened by the voice so loud and stricken by the light. But through the pain I heard a laughter so loud, so very profound, I turned away to cry. R.O. Muh was on the floor, rolling with delight.

"Look what I brought you, salvation indeed, and yet you whither in pain! That is irony for ya, to be saved and slaved again." And as he spoke, Mr. Muh did, I sustained a firm resolve.

And with deafened ears and blinded eyes I stood to face my foes. "Though I am blind, I still see the faces of you now. So dark are you Mr. Kard, otherwise known as Ssen. And your twin, Tghi, and L. stands for "L." You have warred against me, and blinded my eyes, 'tis true. But if I am blinded so, how is it that I see you? So tell me now, is it truly me that you have taken sight, or perhaps, strange as it may be, it is you who is truly blind."

With my words the figures changed, Ness and Tghi were shown. Light transformed into the sun and Darkness fled himself.

Then with sight returned, that I had never lost, I turned to Ec'Nelis and Eci Vo'doul, and spoke to them, too.

"Deafened now am I, because your silence and voice; I am no longer able to hear silence or a song. But you are so loud, each of you, that you drown out the other one. So tell me now, if I can't hear, how do you make such sound? If I am deaf than I couldn't hear a voice so loud, nor could I hear the silence in which you bestowed to me, this curse. So, likewise with my other foes, I believe it is you who is deaf. You cannot hear anything but the sound of yourself."

Ec'Nelis shed his form and Silence attacked me again. Be it could not harm me for Loud Voice did rise her voice so true. Their war carried them far away, or perhaps they are still near. But nevertheless, they never bother me again.

Then I turned to R.O. Muh, otherwise know as Humor. Sitting on the ground, angered at his failed prank. "I know exactly who you are, and strangely I am not angered. For without you there would be no peace, no balance with which to work with. Be gone now, from my sight and never again be my foe."

He smiled then and laughed just once. "You have bested sound and there lack of, and likewise with dark and light. But do not fear for life holds much more horrors in your plight. I was never a foe to you, I merely enjoyed myself. And if the opportunity arises, I will do so again, I will." With that he turned a complete circle and vanished before my eyes. He has not troubled me again... But it is only a matter of time.  

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Chaos128 commented on The Battle of R.O. Muh


Aww... Here I was patting myself on the back for spotting those mischievous anagrams and you spoil it by giving it all away at the end. It's OK, though. Because if I'd of patted any harder, I'd probably of dislocated my arm ha ha... so I guess I really owe you a thank you for keeping me out of the emergency room : )

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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