Whirlwind World


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I honestly don't remember writing this piece... Ah well. Written sometime in the winter of 2010

Whirlwind World

Deafened by sound, blinded by light

Lost in the crowd, driven to flight

Reckoning demons, cursing at gods

Damning temptation, sinning for the odds

Releasing the pressure to build it anew

Preaching equality, condescending the few


Let it be known; throughout the world

We’re building a better place, so they told

As soon as the current crises is through

We’ll build a happy world for me and you

Promising gold, riches and peace

Reap from the poor to make your fine feast


Preach from the Bible; A god who knows all

Who knows us; when we rise, when we fall,

Who gave us free will, to choose to love him,

Preach your beautiful words of contradiction

And pray for the sinners, whose life are planned out

To choose to change and remove thought and doubt


A balance of worlds, between woes and joys

But life isn’t fair, it just creates and destroys

We live in a world of truth and of lies

Contradictions and balance, nonsense and spies

Troubles and worries, war and brief peace

Do the lies die with us or do they increase?


No doubt there is reason, behind all the woes

Behind the happiness, and a God that knows

But Mankind has confused itself with His terms

His rules and regulations and the sins of concurs

We’ll preach of bad news and times come to end

Until death comes to all and we can just start again


And we build more empires more sins and more rules

And confused ourselves with contradicting fools

But even the lies have to end one day nigh

For nothing lasts forever, not the Earth, not the sky

And when the day comes, and we are no more

A new race will fellow… with more lies than before


Each end brings a new life to be released

After war there is always a brief time of peace

But I guess that’s just the way life has to learn

Contradicting and changing, like one caught in curse

Deafened by sound, blinded by light

I’m caught in a whirl, an weary eternal plight

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Seongwoo commented on Whirlwind World


Even if the world is lying to you, you only look at the truth. Good job, my friend!

DeepEclipse commented on Whirlwind World


Makes one wonder, what really is the master? Deception? It seems to win popularity more than honesty. Contradictions? That seems to balance the line between honesty and fault. Life itself? Perhaps that is too huge and vague a term to consider. Sin? Something we are all born into. Balance? hmmm. This poem sees in a unique perspective, like watching the cycle of life from an outside view, wondering why the greatest revolutionaries either end up martyrs or greater tyrants. Is evil then the master? Perhaps. Yet we all strive for good intentions...? A deeply thought provoking poem from that genius mind of yours youngin. Hope to see more.

Kanicki commented on Whirlwind World


Amazing Gems of Wisdom from a youth with an old soul. Wow, Superchick you got a lot of soul. The pearls and gems of wisdom in this poem are over flowing!!! GREAT WORK!




killingP13 commented on Whirlwind World


your poem is amazing i love it thank you for sharing :)



Thanks for the read, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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