The Vow


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    The Vow

    I’ve made many


    But few vows


    What I said to you

    Was my vow

    A vow

    I meant

    A vow

    I’ll never break

    And it’s a vow

    I plan to keep


    I’m not sure

    Why I need

    To tell you

     That which you already know

    But I do


    This is the vow

    I took

    This is the vow

    I’ll keep

    For now and forever

    You will have

    Access to my heart

    My body

    My mind

    And my soul


    You are the one I love

    The hand I hold when I’m worried

    The one I rely on in the end


    You are the one

    I will never hide from

    My lover

    My friend

    My family


    This is the vow

    I swore to you

    And this is the vow

    I’ll keep

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    WordSlinger commented on The Vow


    Awesome to the core, Love this, and the pic, well that's a perfect example, See ya when ya get back, stay so poetic, :)



    Thanx, I'm still not sure about my love poems.

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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