• Life


    Time's dreams elude and wait for no one.
    Minutes past are gone can't be undone.
    Your planned hours ahead may not come.

    Life's plans are as fragile eggs and unsure.
    Time's personifying acathexis, absence of fear.
    Times future adventures are unknown or unclear.

    Today walking on Everest's mountain top.
    Tomorrow's Cotahuasi canyon's devastating drop.
    Throughout, time's continuation doesn't stop.

    Our lives a small borrowed portion.
    Season's continue without distortion.
    Through life's incredible contortions.

    Comparable to time, pure loves traits.
    Jealousy and envy purged, it abates.
    Unselfish and loyal it's eternal state.

    Loves breath flows and holds immortal.
    Flowing through dimentions in time's portal.
    Forgiving with perseverance and spirits chortle.

    Electrifying souls to escape bound sepulchers.
    Killing hostility as arrow's of Trojan archers.
    Giving restoration and scintillation of characters.


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    CatsMeow commented on Immortal


    Life is fleeting and If the world could only hear and know that it is truly our breath that is our life force. Yet we are not Immortal. A good heart beat will holds our lif'e's flow until we escape. into our Immortal eternal self. Well written ny friend.

    samuelj commented on Immortal


    You so right about time that we treasure so much but at times we never know where it goes.....shouldn't it be for keepsakes...the choice of words make the impact more thought provocating.......superb

    Hampton commented on Immortal


    A beautifully written piece that uses words and phrases as a canvas to paint a wonderfull poem

    ginga commented on Immortal


    time, time, time, where does it go Gentle? Your message of time here is superb and a word smith you are indeed! I love how you instruct and point out all the reasons that time is fleeting as if we have to savor it before we are gone. A great philo poem which I truly enjoyed! ginga

    dragonfly1023 commented on Immortal


    Thought provoking words giving cause to study each line carefully. To me that's the sign of a great poem. great philosophy on our fleeting lives. kudos GentleT.

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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