The Culprit


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    The Culprit

    On this lovely day, little Joseph
    went to Grandmother's to visit and play.
    Sure wonderful to be pampered
    in such a special way.
    The Presidents address couldn't
    compared to what he said that day.

    That evening, Grandmother supposed
    that he'd be hungry before long.
    She set about to cook the evening meal
    while they sang their ABC song.
    Substantial nutrients will make
    my little man child strong.

    Some potatoes, cabbage, green beans,
    meatloaf and cornbread
    Yes, hopefully this should satisfy;
    She rush to get them fed
    Culinary southern style
    surely isn't dead.

    Anxious and hungry appetite,
    as he climbed into his chair
    He lunged in with enthusiasm
    For he loved grandmothers' fare
    made with loving care.
    His complacent face bestowed.

    Edibles disappear until
    that mouth full of cabbage, Whoa!
    He didn't like this present
    not even a bow.
    Now his statue froze in disbelief
    What was this agony and grief
    For the savory taste buds
    had been replaced by this thief.

    Sparkling lights danced around
    in those eyes so Innocent.
    Small hands grasped the glass
    to stop this awful lament.
    Oh, my!" grandmother exclaimed,
    what has caused this event?
    Now that fried cabbage
    she must have a taste.

    Realization the home-dried pepper
    was the culprit in this case.
    Cayenne had snook in that jar
    Incinerator of heat bizarre
    Oh, lovely cornbread
    My savior thou are!

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    Grito commented on The Culprit


    The young man eyes the feast, but lands in a culinary crash and burn!



    lol, yes thanks for your reply, GentleT

    UnworthyFather commented on The Culprit


    Got my mouth watering, too!!! I am a Mississippi boy born and raised, and there ain't nothing like some Southern Style Cooking!!! Great write! I'm hungry now... thanks for sharing.



    Thank you it wasn't my intentions to have this effect on my readers. :)

    StandingBear commented on The Culprit


    Ummm, ummmm .. ain't nothing can compare to some delicious southern cornbread. You make me want some now. Great write. 10



    Thank you standingbear for your reply. That is the only way I know how to cook, southern style. The cornbread was the only thing that would put out the

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