A Summer Stroll


A Summer Stroll

The memories of yesterday elate my mind
Visions of meadows with daisies and dandelions,
wild violets and a four leaf clover I find.
Listen, a babbling creek whispers secrets of time.

It continues over the glisten granites in the sun.
Fell logs and beaver dams doesn't detain its run.
Banks hold ferns, Mt. Laurels and nest of young.
Trance of inter peace, the bells of my heart are rung.

A cool summer breeze blows the green mint grass.
Stop, lie on the hillside look into royal blue glass.
Decorated with sweeps and puffs of pink and white.
As I watch birds ride the wind high and so light.

To be one with nature as the sun bathes my soul.
Sounds of the honeybee gathering flowers fold.
Making the natural sweetener to fill our bowls.
Butterflies dancing in the air the color of gold.

The cows lowing on the hillside, lazily they stroll.
Picking and chewing grass with no particular goal.
In todays world of hurry up and exhausting stress,
I hold the memories as a friend and welcome guest.

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ApaqRasgirl commented on A Summer Stroll


nature is a true friend, that was a beautiful write friend, your words painted a picture so lovely I could see myself lying on that river bank, thanks for sharing love asha

FranzJ commented on A Summer Stroll


nature can be relaxing - I sit on my porch swing and just watch and listen

CatsMeow commented on A Summer Stroll


This is a true expression of my reality, I also love the way this poem flows. “The cows lowing on the hillside, lazily as they stroll,” reminds me of our farm in SLO, CA -Picking and chewing grass with no particular goal in mind is well wriiten. A beautiful scenery explodes into your mind as you read on.

samuelj commented on A Summer Stroll


I can feel your summer through the vision of your poem. It's the kind of summer I would spend with a cherished soul in the dially glow of it all.......your poetry took me there

CatsMeow commented on A Summer Stroll


This poem took me back to quiet peacful days..What a joy to be one with nature. Thank you GentleT. I ewnjoyed this poem.

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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