Love Bird Logic


Love Bird Logic

   I was snug as a bug, but not in a rug, dreamin' of what life's about. I woke from my rest, stuck out my chest, and stretched my arms straight out.

   An earthquake it seemed; the walls split, I screamed! Shocked, in a state of confusion. I looked down my beak, Hey, I can speak! Then I peeked through the crack of seclusion.

  A nest of debris with trash in my tree, concrete and glass for a view. Looked past the pane and it was quite plain, a hug was long overdue.

   So I sang 'em a song, but not before long, they slammed the window shut. Took a chance on a comical dance, got a BB in my butt!

  With tail feathers tucked, emotionally plucked, I didn't whistle a note. Attempting to eat became quite the feat, getting worms to pass the lump in my throat.

  I sat in my nest, got completely depressed so I decided to end it all. I jumped from my dwelling with nothing foretelling that air could break my fall!

  Floating in flight, free as a kite with no one pulling the strings. Like a lightning bolt, an intellectual jolt, it hit me... I have wings!

  Does a location exist, that doesn't resist, a bird full of love such as me? An unexpected transition, a positive mission, knowledge has set me free!

  A departing temptation to relieve frustration although it's not worth my poop. Geographical shifts command goodbye gifts as this love bird flies the coop. 

  When showin' affection that's met with rejection, no need to curse a word. Just sever those tethers, ruffle some feathers, spread your wings...

 and give 'em the bird!

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daydreamer23 commented on Love Bird Logic


thankyou i enjoyed this as well good stuff.............

Tray4 commented on Love Bird Logic


Awww thats soo funny and cute.what a way to put it. This is very creative and I loved it. Anytime I need a laugh I know just where to look. (Great Job!)



Thank you so very much. I do hope it made you smile. It was my first attempt at humorous poetry. Had to revise a few times, but I think I finally got it!

Teardrops commented on Love Bird Logic


Well done great write and a lot of fun thanks for the read Marie

Balladeer commented on Love Bird Logic


Bravo, miss! You made all of the right corrections and the poem flows like honey. The rhyme sequence is right on the money. You are a quick study indeed! Very, very well done.....



Thank you, it was easy to see where I went off path after you broke it down for me. That's why I like to have outside feedback to show me things I'm too on the inside of the piece to see. I appreciate you taking the time to give me some pointers. I really hope it will bring a smile to some one who needs it at just the right time.

Corinna commented on Love Bird Logic


This is my Love Bird Logic revised. Please let me know what you think. Did I keep meter without loss of meaning, mood or metaphor?

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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