On the edge


On the edge

She feels it creeping in
The burning desire,
The feeling that she,
Is going to break.

She takes a step closer
To the edge.
Holds out her arms
Lets the wind take her..
Over the edge.

She's falling, falling.
She sees the faces
The people of her past
the ones who hurt her.

She isn't falling,
What is going on?
Someone hit rewind...
This isn't what
She imagined it would be.

Hollow and alone,
That's what she thought
It would be.

She wants to
Be rid of the pain
She has felt so long.
She wants to break away.

Back at the top,
Arms spread wide,
A hand,
On her shoulder

Stops her in her tracks
She looks back.
A man,
Her Saving Grace

Such love in those eyes
Love she has never
Seen before.

She runs
Into His embrace
He holds her tight.

And for once,
she is at peace.

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featherscribe commented on On the edge


Your poem describes the essence of love - or agape - in a vivid and realistic manner. The stranger - the good samaritan- embodies the key trait of Christian behaviour :: compassion, selflessness and genuine caring. The stranger is the 'embodiment ' of Jesus the Shepherd. She is the lost sheep whom the Shepherd protects with His own life... A well written poem. Keep up the composing!

cliftondurant commented on On the edge


i love this poem you have talent keep on writing and sharing

Gusta22 commented on On the edge


I like the sensation of falling as u read down the poem!!

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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