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This is a personal story and it's told from my perspective. Things are better now :).


Why Daddy,
Did you run away?
Leave me with mommy,
to always stay...

Why Daddy,
Did you have to leave,
I cried and cried
prayed and prayed,
but you
never came back.

I watched you pack your bags
Through the crack in the door
And hit mommy
Shove her against the wall

You thought i didn't see you
But I did,
Just like I saw you eat Santa's cookies
On Christmas Eve.

But Daddy I forgive you
And I forgive Mommy too
For marrying that asswhole
Who beat us worse than you.

I screamed and begged to stay
But Mommy took me away
Through tear stained eyes,
You turned your back.

You never fought
For custody of me,
I would have liked
To go to my brother's wedding,
Without seeing
You and Mommy Fight.

I ran away
You looked and looked
But never looked up
I was hiding there all along.

I miss you Daddy,
I miss your butterfly kisses
And you tucking me into bed.
But now all is well
And my heart's had time to mend.

I was only seven,
but you were in you're prime
I guess i just didn't understand it then
But now I'm free to rhyme.

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Dancer022597 commented on Daddy


AW its so sweet but sad at the same time! I love the last stansa itt was cute! Great job!

sk8ergirl commented on Daddy


great poem i can relate only it was my mom instead of your dad. a lot of emotion

Saylar commented on Daddy


Wow Shelby, now I have a better understanding of why you are so mature. You're a beautiful young lady with a talent that speaks volumes. I don't know if this is you in this poem, I am just "assuming", and you know what they say about assuming... anyway, keep writing, I think you're wonderful! Saylar



Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments. Your assumption is correct. The photo at the top is of me and my dad so you can see, things are better now. Most of my poetry is about myself, but there are some that are about things I see in my friends. Thanks so much again! ~Shelby

bigguy commented on Daddy


Hey girl, I am a country boy from MO and a broken home. That was the best part; it got worse from there!! I can relate to having several men in my mothers life and went though childish emotions that I never understood. I buried the past years ago and live my own life unhooked from the child. I hope you get a chance to meet your dad and gt that closer. Papa

CMarsh commented on Daddy


Very nicely done! Your feelings for your father are very strong even though he may have done wrong your love remains strong. This is what love is all about and you have captured it very well,this one will be added to my Fav's.

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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