If I Could Put into Words....


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This was my first attempt and real writing...Be gentle..........Swan

If I Could Put into Words....

If I could put into words the feelings within me,
I would wrap them up and send them in a warm and gentle sea.
If I could tell you all you do while listening to you speak
My heart would never be in need of affection for me to seek.
If I could see beyond my mind and look into my heart
I would have seen the gentleness in you right from the start
If everything you've said to me and dream could all come true
Everything I longed to do, I would do for you
Though those three words I cannot say, just hover there behind
You have touched a special place in my heart and in my mind.


copyrighted 2005

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ImStillHere commented on If I Could Put into Words....


This touched very deeply. :) i love the way you bring the emotions out and kind of tuck them into the hearts of the readers... ~Audrey

JadedJezzabel commented on If I Could Put into Words....


love.....life ultimate enigma.....so easy to do so hard to express........very good way to express a the feelings of love.



Thank you for the read and for your kindness........Swan

angel33614 commented on If I Could Put into Words....


beautiful swan, just beautiful! Near breath taking work! Your first poem ever, really, well all I can say to that is dam good! Very insightful and thought provoking, introspective. Some things just can not be put into normal words but this is the true power of poetry, to take the written word and create something more than that of itself, to create a vision, a emotion, a memory in time. I feel this poem became the birth of the swan as it symbolizes your inner awakening of spirit and mind, an outward reflection of your inner most thoughts and desires. You most certainly put into words what few can, raw emotion and real feelings! Purity of the soul, journey well!!! with grace and humility ANGEL



I can't thank you enough Angel. You honor me with such a compliment as this. I try hard sometimes, to put into words the intense feelings I hold. But rarely do I feel I am able to capture the depth of them. Other times my feelings flow with ease and still, the words seem inept to the emotions. I do feel this one was the birth of my inner self. I hope I will honor such a compliment as this......thank you................Swan

kdarcy commented on If I Could Put into Words....


Thoughts are hard to hold sometimes, let alone long enough to get the words down on paper. For me, some of the lines were a bit long, I wanted to rush them. Love the concept, you said what the heart feft, no doubt about that. A nice read, be well



Thank you for your comments kdarcy. This one was written years ago and it was my very first attempt. I hope I have progressed since then. Please read some of my newer ones. Thank you again......Swan



I'll swing by, thanks for the invite and reply, be well

alb29oclfl commented on If I Could Put into Words....


I know this feeling well, nicely expressed, with good rhythm and flow



Thank you and welcome. I look forward to reading your work as well.................Swan

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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