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Mr RHPeat placed a miandering pencil on his pad a little while ago and came up with an exogetic mind expander on the use a single word of the English or American language ... UP.

This offering is the result of the mind stimulation he caused in mine.



Some of Those things we can have;

Perfect timing
Bad timing
Plenty of time
Quality time
Time management
Valuable time
A time frame
A time factor
Time to kill
Coffee time
Tea time
Crunch time
Supper time
Lunch time
Miller time
A good time
A bad time
all the time in the world

Time constraints
Time delays
Time signatures
Time stamping
Time capsuls
Time warps? (Well, Hollywood can.)

we can have;
... but curiously enough we can't lay claim to Autumn time -
(We just have to let that one ...fall. It's something that just is.)

Some of those things which TIME does, or can do;

Time will tell
Time catches up with you
Time will pass you by
Time marches on
Time ticks away
Time stands still
Time flies
Time facilitates, i.e. = if time permits
Time has a way of making hero's out of villans
Time is natures way of saying there are plenty of places to begin
Time can do wonders
Time can heal all wounds
time can relinquish it's hold

Time can be a good teacher
Time waits for no one

Some of those things which  we ourselves can do with TIME;
Time cannot be sold, but we often try to buy time.

We can find time
We can lose time
We can save time
We can spend time
We can do time
We can do hang time
We can honor a tradition with it
We can let things run the course of time,
Run out of time ... and I'm just about there now as a matter of fact
I might well have said, time constrains me to say more about it, but I've simply gotten to the bottom of my imaginings about time. Suffice it to say there's only ONE thing better than having a lot of time ...
having a little eternity.

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Marsink commented on ON TIME


Time waits for no one. Time is progressive: time after time. It is nearly inexhaustible: all the time in the world. Time is slick and elusive: time slips away. Time cannot be sold, but we often try to buy time. Time has authority: if time permits. Time has no weapons, but it wounds all heels. time is not a competitor, but we race with it. thanks for your indulgence of a timely theme!



Good man! Thanks for the input!! Here's what else I gleaned from Hollywood on the subject ... "Someone once told me that TIME was a preditor that stalked us all our lives. I rather believe that time is a companion who goes with us on the journey. It reminds us to cherish every moment, because it'll never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as ... how we've lived. After all number one, we're only mortal." ~ Jean- Luc Picard, from the closing sequence of STAR TREK GENERATIONS

Madelynn commented on ON TIME


but curiously enough we can't lay claim to Autumn time - (We just have to let that one ...fall. It's something that just is.) ~sooo cool! This write is so you-ish! I think that this creation is clever, and fun. You always pen to please, that is 4 sure,my friend!-smiles,Maddi

RHPeat commented on ON TIME


That was a long time Neville, how about a time out. You really bring home the time that we are always so worried about and can't seem to get enough of. Clocks have been with mankind for quite some time. Sometimes it remarkable how much time controls us. Later and have a good time. A poet friend.. RH Peat



Thass what I'm talkin about (as they say in the movies). I sat and imagined what it was like in the early days ...say of the Crimson Pirate, when they had to monitor the time by turning over an over sized egg timer every hour. Like how did they know they had enough sand in the glass to run out in an hour? And not only that but ...what's an hour look like when it's not on the face of a clock. Pretty arbitrary don't you think. I by all means solicit the aid of my writing compatriots in covering every aspect of time. Thank you sir - I will add that one right away. Wait a minute!!! Hey! what did Papa do here?!!! I can't get in to edit this thing. Where's the suggestion box? Hi Maddi~ Hope Mr. Re-Peater won't mind but I couldn't get the reply box to come down on your comment. Smiles right back attcha pumpkin.



Neville the ancient Egyptians and Chinese had water clocks that dripped instead of ticking. They also had sand generated clocks as well. I not sure but I think the Incas and Aztecs also had timing devices. Keeping the worker to the clock goes back a long ways. Now we have clocks that change there numbers or measurement electronically and digitally without any sound as well as give different times for different places in the world. Like the computer, you can get every major city in the world. Well I added all this weather you had the time for it or not. But it is timely And if you wait a minute you might have waited too long. And I don't know if you can count wait watchers with time watchers. :-) A poet friend// RH Peat

ginga commented on ON TIME


Sir Neville, Do you have any spare time? JK Anyhow this is very clever, always a joy to read something comical and catchy. I loved it. ginga



I just noticed an unrequited comment here. Thank you ginga - glad you found it engaging.

WordSlinger commented on ON TIME


Nice, time is free, unless we mess it up, travel time with me here, Happy New Year Nev, ty WS=http://www.originalpoetry.com/shock-tactic-caberet

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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