88 in the Shade


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    I'm not sure I can say I miss those 06, hot days of Summer now that I'm older. I don't mind 72 or 74 degrees ... just keep the rain away from our parade. The beaches are exciting for sure but they're for kids and movie stars who have earned the right - not to grow up.

    88 in the Shade

    Those " just hangin' "
    Sway gently to the song of their eternal youth
    Pants tenuously slung
    On nubile frames;
    Promise of dawns

    To shape tomorrows dreams ...
    And freedoms.
    They feel the tug of time suspended
    - untethered flight
    the unchallenged framework
    from a parents love.

    Calm and caring
    Body speaks to body
    His awkward x-men eyes
    Redirect their gaze
    To unfixed points out there!
    For fear his girl would

    Snapped and frisky motion of a furled towel
    Promoting laughter for a baby brothers howl
    More embracing as they wait
    They give ...
    They take...

    For now it's just to wait

    copywrite Neville Park 2006

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    cynthiakehl commented on 88 in the Shade


    beautiful imagery, words that painted sights, sounds and smells of fun on the beach. emits feelings of my youth :)



    Thanks cynthia. My ...You DO look good these days. The color certainly becomes you.

    ginga commented on 88 in the Shade


    Neville, Great summer poem. I followed your words with my eyes on all those pictures you painted for me to look at! Ty Well done and this is the work of a photographer/poet. ginga



    Summer has so many urgent pictures. More so if you're fifteen... overheating on the towel- running in to cool off and doing it over and over in the hight of the day. The tall wooded back road with it's summer heat generating a warm perfume as the day sun cools in the lake's horizon.Back there it's quiet - you want to get away from the rhythm of the waves after a while. Then after supper ... walk along the beach and look at the girls out for a twilight stroll with their aunts and cousins.

    Grito commented on 88 in the Shade


    Summertime on the shore. It makes me think of a horse back ride along the waves, or a beach chair and umbrella, with a very cold Corona.



    'Many summer memories for us kids in the fifties each summer. Extended family time share cottage at one of the sandiest beaches in the Great Lakes each summer made life worth looking forward to getting out of school in June.

    Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

    Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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