Yellow Red and Grey


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    Nothing much to say that the words don't relay. Birdies are neet!

    Yellow Red and Grey

    Yellow Red and Brown

    I've got a thing
    about not ignoring
    outside of the sun
    they're nature's
    eternal pick
    me up

    How can you
    not want to say hi
    and let them know
    they're appreciated?

    They can call me the
    bird-man for all I care
    ignore the lovely clouds
    if that's your pentiant
    but God's feathered wonders?

    I twitter for free
    me to them
    - they to me
    study their song
    and answer in kind
    One song fits all
    whatever, I find

    It's the tone and intent
    and they truly respond
    they buzz me and follow
    I walk - they fly
    They have no arms
    so can't wave back

    Sad to say
    I have my bias
    dirty things
    pigeons I mean
    they crap
    and whoo
    that's all they can do

    why don't they
    all have concusions
    the way they rattle
    their little brains
    when they walk

    oh ya and always
    want what you're eating
    but seagulls- hungh!
    don't get me started
    Anyway all is not rosey

    can only get cozy
    with robins and sparrows
    speak their mother tongue
    I do
    hey! what is this present
    you dropped on my shoe?

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    dahlusion commented on Yellow Red and Grey


    A wonderful journey through your creative mind. "can only get cozy with robins and sparrows speak their mother tongue " — this is poetic loveliness!! Bravo!!



    I'm forced to go the way of everyone else it seems, and call you dah, for short. I think you look like a Robert to me. Hope you don't mind ... we are friends after all. Well Robert, I scratch my head wondering why if there are so many people around who, if love animals as pets, don't find it a natural inclination to, at the least -acknowledge those tree dwellers all around them. I was doing my lawncare job Saturday and in no time at all, after calling them a couple of times they started gathering in the bushes just a few feet away. They want us as friends but "we" would rather have yappy dogs and lazy cats. I have a chinchilla because it's fairly maintenance free and I can go away a couple of days at a time and not worry. He watches me a lot and loves it when I sing and play my guitar to him.He prefers the soft mellow style. And a big thank you to you my friend for your comment. I like the new you. 'Better get to your work-out then.

    KLF commented on Yellow Red and Grey


    Robins, Sparrows, Blue Jays and the Borealis race..... a few of my favorite to watch and wonder about. A lovely poem nicely written. I like the wit woven lines that brings out your interaction with the birds. I can picture these scenes unfold without a spoken word. Delightful!



    Well ... You keep making comments like that one and you'll be encouraging me to make more, and more. Thanks for enjoying.

    A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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