The Poet and The Sea


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This was borne from a poem challenge. Write about the sea, they said. Perspective is the goal. A well known poet of his day [blueblood son of French military brass] lived in Portugal in around 1770. He was (I’m guessing) an irritating man who spoke his mind. In any event he was ostracized by the magistrate of the seaboard town of Sebutal where he lived. Despite fruitless attempts to ignore him and his clever poetry , the legislators felt the barbs of his poetic justice. The common folk easily loved his indecorous wit. One could easily believe the legislature of the day took itself too seriously. If we don’t learn to laugh at ourselves, likely as not someone will do it for us. A tip for all seasons.

The Poet and The Sea

THE POET & THE SEA –( Researched from Wikipedia)


The day’s course? - Out there somewhere.

From Sebutal at dawn

An eastern breeze licks leather backs

And by seven twenty they are gone.

Gulls complaining; carousel of wind, around the dipping spire

At home grey embers evidence the shell

Of unstoked fire.


In a window by the sea a vagrant poet writes

Reluctant for his whoring with his political constraints

Dressage is in such motions where a rapier pen is free

The satirist is on a roll, from just as far as he can see.


His half closed eye is on the day …

He mulls the wine ignores the bread ;

Ah wine - sharp words…more laughter

Their scorn ?  … a pillow for his head


Boxed and framed, porpoise- ponies dance for him

Far out his window in the morning light.

While sailors drag for fishes

Till they’re shanked and moored tonight.


The maiden flings a lacy sock

Which drapes his tankard square

And solicits his affections from the shadows

- over there.

Quite dis-appreciated, for his wit beyond the main

It’s Manual du Bocage;  the peoples flower in the rain


But life in its distractions with its intrigue or its guile

Will find his mast with billowed sail if only for a while. 



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Marsink commented on The Poet and The Sea


Our perspectives of the ocean's offerings , (and they who traverse them) are world's away. You have brought such depth and life to a biographical, if not historical aspect of a man and vessel harnessing the seawind, to create experience. (Only, it may have been the control of his pen which was of greater challenge) Perhaps, I would be wise to look into the accounts of who this individual was, and learn someting more. Thank you for bringing his life experience into poetic relevance!



"It would be wise to look into the accounts of who this individual was, and learn something more" ... and I would be wise to follow such advice and perhaps build another account or two.The man with the Tilly underneath us has fueled my interest in doing just that.



Hey, maybe you two could consider a collaboration, trading stanzas or sets of stanzas.

devaamido commented on The Poet and The Sea


Interesting and clearly written, well cadenced historical commentary on the fascinating life of Elmano Sadino (nom-de-plume) the 18th century Portugese neoclassical poet/satirist & womanizer who intermittently supported himself as military officer, or lived on the generosity of friends & died of rupture of a luetic aneurism.



WONDERFUL! Excellent input my friend (invitation pending) I saw it all quite vividly as I read what I'd written. Now I have some facts to set it on. Thank you. Now the question I have is ... Wouldn't it make a great little movie? Or have they done one already?



It's natural! That guy must have been one flamboyant character!!

MrGee commented on The Poet and The Sea


Excellent. The poem is very well written and you make such good use of the metaphor in the poem. The rythmn is outstanding. the poem is history placed for all to read. Thanks, I am never disappointed when reading your work.



I'm happy. Thank you Mr.. G

NevillePark commented on The Poet and The Sea


My feathers are preened and shiny now. Thank you friend.



My friend daulusion - I'M SORRY! It looks like I've press delete on the wrong message. I meant to simply re-arrange the order here. Your favorable comment and your Bravo! are still in the air ... (somewhere in cyberspace I guess.) Once again - sorry!

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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