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New Poem! "Heart Shaped Box"

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  • Location: Monroe, MI
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My name is Samantha and Im 18 years old. I didn't start writing poetry until I was a freshmen in high school. My poetry is like a diary to me. 100% of my poems are based upon my real life experiences.... Please read, rate, comment, and enjoy! :)


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Hi there, I wanted to drop by and let you know how much I appreciated your comment on my poem. I accidentally erased all of the comments on it because I still don't know how everything works around here. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your comment didn't go unnoticed. Thank again.

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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Title Comments
Heart Shaped Box 3
Worried 3
Life Will Come Again 0
"Hi" 2
Can't Tear Us Apart 1
I Don't Know What I Was Thinking 0
Heart Can't Trust 1
Saved from Loneliness 1
Without a Frown 1
Love Unknown 1
Missing You 2
Oh Little Raven 2
Closing the Door 5
Missing Younger Years 2
I Hate You 0
Sadie Hawkins 1
Remember, You Promised... 1
Surprise Me, Please 0
Only Wishing 1
Seventeen Years of Waiting 0
Yearning for You 0
Eyes 1
Thousand Times I've Cried 2
The Worst Kind of Killer 1
Tears I Weep 0
Will You Be My Neighbor? 1
Late Night's Passion 0
Stay 0
My Inner Rage 0
Together Forever 0
Somehow I'll Win 1
I Am Alone 0
So Long, So Close, Together Again 0
at this Rate
Going Insane 4
My Dear Silent Friend 2
My Cage 0
Murderers of Love 6
Future Without You 1
My Anti-Depressa
My Prince Charming 0
Stay With You 2
Gossip 1
Quiting the Battle of Other's Concern 0
Lonely High-School 1
Pains For You 0
Senior Year 1
Writers Block 0
Keep Praying 0
I Am Here 0
Your Tumor 0
Words Spoken 1
A Breath of Faith 1