Daddy, it’s been 18 years


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Years don't count when you are missing a parent. Nothing can ever replace the good times and bad. But it was so much better knowing you were there. Still miss my Daddy after all these years. I know he is in a better place and watching over me. I still miss him like it was yesterday, the day he had to leave his girls behind.

Daddy, it’s been 18 years


You send me signs all the time.

11:11 is the time I always see.

It took me years to understand.

11/11/1991 is the date

That brings sad memories.

I’m so sorry that I couldn’t get there in time.

But my small children, I could not leave behind.

I had to wait for their great Grand parents to arrive.

I couldn’t, wouldn’t bring them there.

I wanted to be there with a great need,

But your grand children I just couldn’t leave.

Tomorrow again comes that sad day.

When I have to remember that you had to go away.

With the pain you were in, I could never ask you to stay.

I understand now, but not on that day.

I felt I let you down when I didn’t arrive in time.

There are days when I can feel you around.

A sense of peace and love abound.

I feel the energy in my hands when you are near.

In my heart I will always hold you dear.

I lived through a lot and I know you are proud.

Many times I wanted to end it all.

Then I would think of the pain I would cause.

My family and friends didn’t deserve that pain.

To have them feel the pain of me leaving by my own hand.

My husband has stood by me through so much.

The touch of his hand pulled me through so much.

I tortured myself with guilt and sorrow,

 18 years it will be tomorrow.

Where did the time go, is what I want to know.

Maybe tonight you will come in my dreams.

I miss hearing your strong steady voice.

Your playful laughter brought great memories.

I cry now longing to see you again.

But it has to wait a bit longer you see.

I just can’t bear to leave my family!

So please come and visit me while I sleep.

Help me to feel my heart at peace.

I’m 47 now you see,

But I still miss you my loving Daddy.

One Day I will see you again.

Maybe God will let me stay then.

With love for my Daddy,

From your daughter Beth


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MissBozelei commented on Daddy, it’s been 18 years


This is absolutely beautiful and I feel your pain. I lost my mother and I went thru those same roller coaster emotions. Thank God for those wonderful husbands who stand there and hold us up. Beautiful......



Thank you very much. It is a difficult to get through those emotions. I don't know what would have done without my husband.

Tempestlady commented on Daddy, it’s been 18 years


Made me tearful for my grandmother. She had a way of soothing my soul. Beautifully done. Write on...



Thank you very kindly Tempestlady.

RJK commented on Daddy, it’s been 18 years


After reading your poem and the comment of your readers I had to wright one of my own. Their is a nother side to death not just the one when your not their. I feel the pain you must have. Please read my poem (The wait can be so long) it may bring comfort to you



I know about waiting too. My Mother lingered for awhile in a coma and that was hard. I will read your poem.

RJK commented on Daddy, it’s been 18 years


I have read a very strong bond in this poem. Their is nothing like that of Daddys girl. I have two girls of my own and when I pass I pray they just think of me as if I where liveing in a place of wonder just waitting there to show them around, as I pray it may be with you.



I know he is in a wonderful place. One day we will meet again.

Westwriter9 commented on Daddy, it’s been 18 years


my daddy died 2 years ago, i was 17. I cry every now and then, because I was in the mountaina having fun with a local club of mine as he died. i didn't find out until the evening after. beautiful poem.



Life happens as does death. People have to live life until death comes to call. Know your father watches over you, so talk to him.

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.